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Monday, December 29, 2008

JoGail's Recipe

This is a recipe JG and I made this afternoon from her new cookbook that she got from Santa. I was surprisingly shocked at how good these were!!!This would be great when you have a bunch of little people over that want to help out in the kitchen!

Portable Pizzas

individual packets of cheese its
1 jar of pizza sauce
italian cheese blend or mozz cheese

Heat some of the pizza sauce in a bowl in the microwave. Open the packets of cheese its. Cut off some of the packet (makes it easeire to get to the cheese its). Put about 1 tablespoon of sauce in teh packet sna cover with cheese. Eat with a spoon. We put oursover a plate just to catch anything that fell.

I think you could add some chopped meat (like ham or pepperoni) to this also and it would be good.

We are getting ready to go to Louisiana to Toot's New Year's Eve bonfire. We will have cell phones.

Here's Grace's number---903.681.3760.

The girls are outside hepling Coy put outside decortions up. It's nice now that they are big enough to really help! Thy helped with th einside ones and it went so much faster!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas on the Square

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OK I am trying smilebbox. It didn't save my typing on the last page......hummmmmmhave to recheck that.
This may be the only way I start scrapbooking!


Click to play TOC December 2008
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Monday, December 08, 2008

Finally posted again!

Well, TOC is over. We got beat the first game 1-0 and then won the second 2-0. The team we played made it to the finals, so that helps the hurt a little. But we literally lost it in the last 45 seconds. A girl dribbled the length of the field and scored. It was almos surreal. We'll probably still be ranked pretty high since we won the TUrkeyshoot and we only lost 1-0 to a team that made it to the finals. So it's on to basketball.
JG is learning just how important reading is in 3rd grade. She has come so far! She's worried she might have to stay for tutoring once January rolls around. I told her that if she does, she does. I'd rather her get help than fail that stupid test. She's still on cloud nine from getting Student of the month, though.
We set out all the decorations yesterday. It was a beautiful day here so after church we all got outside and got them up. The girls are finally getting big enough to really help. I tried a new recipe tonight but I am goin to have to work onit to get it right-eggnog bread. It was good, just overflowed my pan pretty good. Work is busy busy. Referrals seem to be flying in on overnight express!!I guess I can look at it as job security! haha