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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finally a new recipe!!!

I think I'm about to whip this strep throat for good (we'll see!!!).  I am feeling much better today. I didn't sleep well last night, but since I was up I was able to take some extra medicine. JoGail has had it too, but trust me when I tell you it's not the same for an 11 year old as it is for a 40 year old! Neither one ever had the high fever, and JoGail's throat never really hurt. I actually took her in folr her ear ache that has been coming and going for about a week. theresa (nurse) looked in ehr throat and said, "Oh my!". I had never even thought to look into her throat-because her ear hurt-off and own! He said the ear ache was from the swelling.

The youth's production of 'The Choir" has gone well! It's amazing how well these kids do and most (if any) of them don't particiapte in drama calss at the school! It's been a lot of hard work, though. The ladies have done an awesome job of cooking the dinner. I was able to help Wednesday nigth a little and hope to go help clean up tonight. I'm also going to take pictures tonight. from everything I have read i am no longer contagious.....

Ok, on to the recipe......I remembered reading a recipe that had bacon, brown sugar adn chicken in it. Couldn't find it. So I googled it and came up with this! It is scrumptious and would be great at a Super Bowl party!

I just used what bacon adn chicken I had to make enough for me I didn't really measure how much. Here's where you can get the's good! I lined my pan with foil and sprayed it with pam for eay cleanup.



Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Someday I'm gong to do this to Coy and watch him spin into orbit!!! His reaction would probably have a little more volume! Nah--I could never do that to the man who loves me as I am flaws and all, puts up with me and makes me grow even when I don't want to! It's still funny though!!!  :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tiger Mothers

Ok, I know......I have been thinking it too.....I need to change the name of this blog. I'm thinking something like the ramblings of a crazy mom or something like that....But on to today's thoughts.

Have you been hearing about this book "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" ? Here's a brief synopsis from the NPR website.

 Strict, uncompromising values and discipline are what makes children raised by Chinese parents successful. That's the message in a new parenting book by Yale Law Professor Amy Chua. "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother," is based on Chua's personal experiences has raised questions about whether the book reinforces stereotypes of the unsparing Asian parent.

Well, I just want to weigh in on my thoughts. Neither the traditional Chinese or western style of parenting is best for every kid. Raising a child with respect and love does. That being said, I am fairly certain the Bible gives instruction to teaching the child self discipline and reprimanding the child when necessary.

The traditional Chinese style of parenting (Tiger parenting), from what I have read is very strict. No fun things, such as friends over or speepovers. Hours and hours of daily music practice. Extra homework assigned by parents especially in the fields of math and science. No sports. From what I have read traditional Chinese parenting involves berating the children, making them feel 'barbarian' when the do not comply with expectedness. Being number one in music and Math is a top priority.

Western style of parenting involves sleepovers, birthday parties, laying around in pjs all weekend, no set practice times, letting the child basically do what ever he wants. Sports are allowed. As well as trips to the movies and other social events with friends.

After some thought, here's where I think I fit in...

Tiger:   My kids have chores. They do their own laundry. :) They load the dishwasher EVERY time. They take care of the cat. They take care of their rooms and their bathroom. They do their homework every day and Coy may or may not add extra for every subject. (Depend on whether or not he believes they understand the concept in the homework.) Math is a priority in this family-mainly because Coy loves it. Grace loves it and so does JoGail. (I am the oddball out here, folks) The girls have limits-both behaviorally and academically. They are reminded when they cross over the line.

Western: We have simple birthday parties. We have sleepovers and watch movies. And play the Wii. We place alot of emphasis on our faith but remind that girls that faith without works (or practice) is not always the best idea. We do fun things as a family-watching old reruns of Family Ties, for example. When the girls cross the acceptable/unacceptable lines, we let them know. Sometimes harshly and sometimes gently. They do not get their way ALL the time.

No, I don't know how my girls will 'turn out' yet. But I do know we are trying to parent them with love and respect. Respect for who they are and what they enjoy.

Friday, January 21, 2011



I have been thinking about the lately. Bare with me, here. I am nerdy, but I'll get to my point eventually.

I just finished reading a Christian library book called Listen. I don't remember who wrote it. But it was about the small town where someone starts recording private conversations (such as conversations in the home, etc) and posting them word fro word on the Internet. Yes, you guessed it, things that weren't mean to for face to face conversations suddenly were face to face. People began arguing and fussing and then you realize it's a teenage boy doing it. The message of the fiction book is that words are powerful.

Some bloggers I know choose a word to live by during the year. I have seen someone who chose the word Breathe. Someone I know chose downsize and yet another chose the word NO. (I thought that was interesting-she's planning on saying no to all the extra stuff she does.) I think I have decided on my word....intentional. I will do things intentionally. I will intentionally improve my health. I will intentionally spend more time with Coy. You guys are just going to have to remind me of my word!!!!  

Have a good weekend. I am intentionlly going to rest!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Send me a certificate!!!!

OK, I am feeling better. Much better. First completely good day I have had in about 6 weeks. Feeling better and feeling like I can tackle weight loss again. Time to flush out all the toxins and stuff in me and get back on the wagon so to speak..I would like to give a big shout out to my sister who is working out every day and eating healthier!!! Yeah Missy!!!! And another shout out to Leigh Ann!!! You go, girl!!!!!!

I have to remember two things, though.

1. It's a day to day thing. Period. no way around it. One bite at a time. I have a really really cool food journal and need to start using it. I know, if I bite it I must write it.

2. No PPMP. Otherwise known as poor pathetic me parties. This one may take me awhile to incorporate, but I think it's totally necessary. Those parties lead to poor eating choices.

Yes, I am still in the planning, or thought stage of this. I need to advance on, but the next stage is actually doing something, so........I'm just gonna have to set a date and go for it.

I haev done these things so far:

1. Drank  more water. All I drink at work.

2. Eat a piece of fruit a day.

3. Eaten more protein.

Ok, enough of that, (see- my attention to this matter doesn't last long)......

I was reading the red sometime this past weekend and am at the part in Matthew where Jesus says to lay your burdens on Him and he will give your rest. For his way of carrying a burden is not heavy. Now, I just read that this weekend. Then it was a memory verse on another blog I read. Then I found some cards with verses and thsi was on it. I'm beginning to wonder if : a) I am carrying a heavy a burden, b) God is preparing me for something or c) God wants me to tell others to do this. If it's choice a, then I am not sure what it is at this point. I am balanced (I think) right now. Work is sitll there. Work is busy but I haven't worked at home much this school year. Home is good. Lots of good things happeneing around here and seeing more and more smiles every day. Every day is a battle....a chance to win. Maybe it's choice b-Maybe is God is instilling it in me for something I am going to face in the I tell the girls. God made a certain way for His reasons. He will use me. Or maybe it's choice c-maybe I ahve soem friend swho need to be gnetly reminded about this. Maybe their burdens are too great right now. Got any other ideas? Maybe a choice d that I haven't thoguht of?

PS--Send me a certificate!!! I just did a spell check and didn't have anythign pop up! Wait, did I do it right???? never mind, it's evidently not working properly tonight....:(

Saturday, January 15, 2011


We almost made the food budget this was a valiant effort, though!

JoGail has some friends over tonight to celebrate her birthday. Thank goodness we have an upstairs! they giggle like crazy. I love it but can only handle so much, not being a 'giggler' myself! She just came down and apparently they have been 'making each other over' with her new makeup from her Aunt Missy!!!!  The girls are really good girls and were a hoot to take out to eat! The Sharp Shooters (JoGail's basketball team) played well. You can literally see them improving every game they play. Coy and I both agree they are beginning to 'see' things on the court. JoGail actually got to shoot a free throw......enough said about that! Grace had a student council lock in at the school last night. Then she came home and slept a little before heading to the church for drama practice. They were going to rehearse then get into costume/makeup and go out to eat in Tyler. I bet that was funny. The play is set in the 50's so, I KNOW they stood out!  I can't wait to hear her stories. She may be to tired to tell them tonight, though!

I am working on reading the red in the Bible. Trying to let God speak to me as I read it. Interesting order things happened in according to Matthew. then I noted that when Jesus sent his disciples out he gave specific directions. Not what the disciples wanted to do, not what was easiest, but specific directions. Leads me to think God still works that way. But how many times have I tried to follow my own directions instead of His way??? Makes me wonder......then I found it interesting that Jesus says he has come to be the sword,  not to bring why do I keep thinking my christian walk will be easy???He says right there that it won't be....just some thoughts.....kind of slapping myself on some things....also, I keep reading that Jesus tells people to go and not tell others what he has done and yet that's exactly what they did....I'm not understanding why he didn't want others to know. I'm sure it had to do with the legal people and all their laws. But why does he specifically keep saying that????

I'm looking forward to Sunday school tomorrow-after missing last week. We have a great group of people who get together and learn about the Word. I believe we are in I Kings. You know I took an Old testament class in college and some of that has come back to me. But it's interesting--the stories. The history. Looking at the maps and figuring out he wheres and whys in interesting. One thing is for certain....My God is not boring!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I am 40!

What wonderful follow up day to my birthday!
Yesterday was so special and will be a a day I remember. Friends, you made it rock! from the decorations to the chocolate cake with snickers filling to the oatmeal butterscotch cookies, it was a great day! Mom and dad got me a new book Karen Kingsbury book book to curl up with (one I hadn't read!!). I can't wait for this weekend! I don't remember ever getting flowers for my birthday but I did this year. They are still gorgeous and I could actually smell them a little this morning when I went in! I just can't explain how great my day was thanks to all my friends! (And daughters who both made me something homemade and from the heart!!!) Coy had some surprises for me too, which I can't wait to use!

No, 40 doesn't feel any different. Other than I am reminded of how blessed I am to have cool friends who take me as I am, fluff, emotions, and all and just love me. Sounds simple, but trust me, it can be hard at times! They have been with me through alot and I'm quite certain God has more adventures planned!

I sat in the doctor's office with JoGail (getting her first allergy shots) this afternoon and planned my menus to make the money stretch. Sometime I need to inventory my freezer-see EXACTLY what it is we have in there and if it's still edible.....maybe when it warms up a little. It's been too cold here to even go get something out of the freezer in the garage. Tonight was gumbo-with brown rice. They ate almost the whole pot. Glad they left a little so we can have leftovers Thursday night when we come in from Grace's basketball game. Hard for me to believe she will be a 9th grader next year. (I'm sure you'll hear more about that as it gets closer and closer to actually happening....)

I wrote a comment on a friend's blog, ok, an older friend's blog , ok the guy who married me and Coy...tonight that it is sometimes harder to be served than it is to be served. Not sure where I came up with ort hat, but I think it's really true in my life. Sometimes I have to tell myself that it's ok for someone to 'serve' me. Whether it's by making a nice compliment or helping me with something. That's ok. And looking back on my 40th birthday it can even be a little fun! Just something to think about...

By the way, Bev, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! And thanks for the Tea Room thing...........maybe we can go together sometime and I can 'buy' you lunch!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Time to eat out of the pantry again

Yep, it's time to eat out of the pantry again.... January is a LONG payday month in this house....2 birthdays!!!!  Plus it's always good to eat what you have in the pantry. I stocked up on Lean Cuisine meals for my lunch....hard to beat when they are but one get one for a penny. So hopefully that's do me up for lunch at work. Breakfasts are no brainers around here. The girls usually grab cereal or sometimes eat at school. I used to make hot breakfasts but it got to where they wer eating lunch at 10:30 at school, so we cut back to cereal/muffins, etc and it has stuck. We are normally not big breakfast eaters around here, so it's not that big of a deal. Cheerios is usually Grace's cereal of choice and JoGail likes Special K, so there's not a lot of sugar in those. Coy eats his same old same old oatmeal-which he take to his office to eat since he gets there at the crack of dawn. I have started back to eating the oatmeal. I prefer a quick wheat sandwich, but I am trying. So after the girls eat lunch at school, that just leaves supper. I try to cook and love picking and choosing recipes. But the time has come once again to ditch the cookbooks and eat what we have! So here we go. I made a pot of vegetable soup and a pot of gumbo yesterday so that should get us to maybe Tuesday. Then I have also scheduled a leftover turkey pot pie. Oh and i also 'stocked up' on progresso soups since they were get but one get one for a penny. So we may be having lots of soup and sandwich nights! But I know I have chicken, some beef, stuff for spaghetti, stuff for shepherd's pie and stuff for more corn pone pie already in the pantry/freezer. So my goal is to not spend over $40.00  at the grocery store this week -or next week. We are ok as far as staples go, detergents, etc. So we should be ok. We have some fresh fruit right now, so that can work as sweets. Plus I made choc. chip cookies this afernoon. We just have to eat what we have.

Side note--a little extra-isn't that how God works? He wants us to use what we have? Not what we want or wish we had? Something to think about........

I'll probably be posting just to let you know how we are doing on this little adventure....

Veg Soup
Turkey pot pie

Cutie clementines
choc chip cookies (while they last)
Choc chip or blueberry muffins (whichever JG makes)

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Reading the Red

Yes, I am reading the red in my Bible. I have reread the beatitudes and the Lord's prayer. It is easy for me to forget the beatitudes! I find it interesting that Matthew's order of events is that Jesus was born , then he talked about how to treat others, then he gathered his disciples and then he did the miracles. Not exactly the order I would have put it all together in. But I think there's a point here. How we treat others in life is IMPORTANT. In fact, I would tend to think it is very important in the Bible. I know this is an area I need to work on. Not only does that imply that we need to be 'nice' to others but also that we need to be honest with others. If someone is being a jerk  or whatever, we are to go to that person in secret and tell them. I know I would want someone to tell me. I may feel slapped for awhile but ultimately it may make me a better person. I can think of people in my life who have done this for me. And I have treasured their friendships ever since. It also talks about talking about not talking about others which is something that is extremely hard for me not to do. Sometimes I can just get so opinionated! And of course I can solve all the world's problems as well!!!!!  There seems to be a fine line between knowing when to say something and when not to. I have gleaned from reading that you must be in tune with your heart and God working in your life to know the difference. I' m beginning to get into the miracles sections. 

Today we slept in!!!! Yeah!! All the way to 8:00!!!!! Those two extra hours of sleep feel good! I am cooking and cleaning today and then we have JoGail's EASA basketball game (first one of the season so it should be interesting!). I am cooking up some gumbo and soup to prepare for the cold weather we are supposed to be getting. I love it when it's cold and I can just come home heat up a pot of soup or gumbo and supper's ready! Better get off the computer and get started!!! Have a great day!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Well, well, well....

I made it back to work! Got to see Tina, Gina, Jayme, Bob, Tabitha, Traci, Pat and Rachel!! I know you have heard me say it before, but I love people I work with. Some of us have been together the whole 7 years I have been there....others have joined our little party as the time has progressed.

I decided to work on reading the red writing in the Bible. But I am cheating, a little. I am using a Bible my Dad gave me. A friend gave it to him. It's a simple to read version of the Bible. It was translated specifically for the Alaskan Eskimos and has simplified written vocabulary. I mean, really simplified vocabulary. It helps! That is probably one of my two most treasured Bibles. I don't even know if it i still in print. I know it's never been made in to a hardback. My other treasured Bible is one my parents got me in college. It has my maiden name on it and tons of stuff written all in it. Coy asked me if I wanted a new Bible the other day and I told him no. This one has EVERYTHING written down it. (including how he and I figured up how old we would be when we could retire :) I just can't imagine starting over. There's many a 'Laurie' story written in that grey Bible.

I have been thinking about resolutions, goals, whatever you call them....and here's some of mine....

1. Gain 5 pounds. Hey, it's gonna happen. I might as well set it as a goal so I at least reach one!
2. Get up before I have to 2 out 5 school days a week, with the accommodations of Coy telling me to get up, the alarm going off, a light being turned on and Coy reminding me to get up or I will be late.  Yep, another struggle here. I hit the alarm twice this morning and I didn't have to make sure the girls got to school on time. I am just not an early morning person!
3. Eat more protein. I think I crave protein, so I'm going ot eat more. Take tonight,  I made broiled tilapia. I took it out of the oven and went to get Grace from play practice at the church. Came home. Coy had his plate, JoGail had her plate. Grace made her plate and there was NONE left. Oh well, maybe tomorrow night--I think it's going to be Manwich night. (ballgame night)
4. Walk at least a mile every week. That would be 53 miles in a year. I would really like to walk/jog a 5K but I don't know about that. See, I asked for some tennis shoes for Christmas.  Well, you know Coy is-had to go above and beyond, so I m now the new owner of a pair of Reebok Easy Toners. That's right, the tennis shoes that kill your calves. Seriously I wore than for 10 minutes one day and the next day I could barely move my legs. I did wear them all day to day at work, so I must be getting used to them. (Just so you know, I opted not to read into WHY he thought I need that particular pair of shoes.)
5. Read the Bible more and depend less on other's interpretations. For example, I read some online scripture blogs. One calculated the age of Joseph when Esau stole his inheritance. According to her calculations, he was 91. That's not the age I remember coloring and the girls coloring when they colored the pictures of the coat of many colors!
6. Memorize scripture with the girls. JoGail and I have already started. I Peter 3:3-4.Look it up you'll know why it's mine and hers! I am searching for a good one for me and Grace. I also want to continue praying with them on the way to school. No radio, just praying. Talking to God. Hey, it keeps them from fighting over the radio! :)
7. Continue on the path of being part of the solution and not part of the problem. This means speaking up about some things and shutting up about other things! Funny thing, I was telling Gace just yesterday that sometimes you just have to shut up and apply some elbow grease! Family story time. When my grandmother ( MawMaw Cole) married my granddad (PawPaw) she went to the general store looking for some 'elbow grease.' She was still embarrassed about it when she told me the story a couple of  years ago!

Well, that's all the resolutions, goals, whatever I can come up with tonight!  If you come up with one you think I should consider, leave a comment.....I might think about it!