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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Send me a certificate!!!!

OK, I am feeling better. Much better. First completely good day I have had in about 6 weeks. Feeling better and feeling like I can tackle weight loss again. Time to flush out all the toxins and stuff in me and get back on the wagon so to speak..I would like to give a big shout out to my sister who is working out every day and eating healthier!!! Yeah Missy!!!! And another shout out to Leigh Ann!!! You go, girl!!!!!!

I have to remember two things, though.

1. It's a day to day thing. Period. no way around it. One bite at a time. I have a really really cool food journal and need to start using it. I know, if I bite it I must write it.

2. No PPMP. Otherwise known as poor pathetic me parties. This one may take me awhile to incorporate, but I think it's totally necessary. Those parties lead to poor eating choices.

Yes, I am still in the planning, or thought stage of this. I need to advance on, but the next stage is actually doing something, so........I'm just gonna have to set a date and go for it.

I haev done these things so far:

1. Drank  more water. All I drink at work.

2. Eat a piece of fruit a day.

3. Eaten more protein.

Ok, enough of that, (see- my attention to this matter doesn't last long)......

I was reading the red sometime this past weekend and am at the part in Matthew where Jesus says to lay your burdens on Him and he will give your rest. For his way of carrying a burden is not heavy. Now, I just read that this weekend. Then it was a memory verse on another blog I read. Then I found some cards with verses and thsi was on it. I'm beginning to wonder if : a) I am carrying a heavy a burden, b) God is preparing me for something or c) God wants me to tell others to do this. If it's choice a, then I am not sure what it is at this point. I am balanced (I think) right now. Work is sitll there. Work is busy but I haven't worked at home much this school year. Home is good. Lots of good things happeneing around here and seeing more and more smiles every day. Every day is a battle....a chance to win. Maybe it's choice b-Maybe is God is instilling it in me for something I am going to face in the I tell the girls. God made a certain way for His reasons. He will use me. Or maybe it's choice c-maybe I ahve soem friend swho need to be gnetly reminded about this. Maybe their burdens are too great right now. Got any other ideas? Maybe a choice d that I haven't thoguht of?

PS--Send me a certificate!!! I just did a spell check and didn't have anythign pop up! Wait, did I do it right???? never mind, it's evidently not working properly tonight....:(


Gammy and the Girls said...

d. All of the above...LOL

God does want us to give Him our burdens... and the stress of weight loss is a burden.... you are right... it is a day to day process... and even a bite to bite process... I'll be praying for you as you continue your weight loss journey.

Laurie said...

Thank you!!!!!! :)