Lauries Kitchen

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Well, school's about to crank up again! I've already had one begging session for not going back, but it didn't work (never has). Once we return from vacation I start the next Monday. I really do miss everyone from work, though. Grace has two more workout mornings. Then when we get back from vacation she is planning on keeping her running up. I'm attaching the link to her cross country schedule as it stands right now.

We roll out after Grace runs her forty forties Thursday. First stop is Missy and Alex's!!! Last stop is Glorieta! I'm sure many potty stops in between! I have my new camera bag so I am ready! I plan to take the computer and hoepfully check in on most nights. Deanna is raciously taking care of Binky. I'm sure Binky will LOVE the peace and quiet!

Oh we got new cell phones that work at our house now! Same numbers! Grace's works better too. She lost her qwert keyboard, but is getting over it!

Friday, July 17, 2009

VBS recipes-Boomerang Express

Here's two recipes we made for the VBS kids this week. Had a blast with Holly and Beth in the kitchen!!!! One was actually from the recipe cards adn one was VBS last year that was a hit.

Down under Smores

1 package marshmallows
almond bark, melted
crushed graham cracker crumbs
wax paper

Spread wax paper on cabinet top. Dip each marshmallow in chocolate then roll in graham cracker crumbs. Set on wax paper to harden.

Austalian Pizza

cheap cheap hot dog buns
pizza sauce
mozzarella cheese

Spread sauce on hotdog buns and top with cheese. Toast in oven.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Anew recipe that is awesome!

This is a breakfast recipe. I found it in a light and tasty magazine then I read a similiar one soemwhere else, so I decided I better try it. Low carb, too! These would be great to take to a Sunday shcool breakfast or to work. It's like making individual omelets. You can add onions, bell peppers or bascially any seasoning you want to this. Both recipes I found also say that these reheat very easily and are a great on the go breakfast. I'm thinking I might make these during the school year.

Breakfast muffins

1/2 package cooked bacon (or 1 package precooked bacon) or 1 lb sausage
12 eggs
1 teaspoon garlic

Preheat oven to 350 dgrees. Spray muffin tin really well with Pam or grease with shortening. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Full muffin tins about 1/3 of the way. Bake 20-25 minutes or until center is set. Makes 12. JoGail has already eaten 3!

JoGail and I are making chicken spaghetti for the youth mission trip at the church today. Other than that we are just being pretty lazy today. Coy mowed yesterday so he could enjoy a day of not thinking he has to mow. Enjoy the recipe.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Celebrate Freedom and Give thanks!

I know it's not Thanksgiving, but I want to give a huge thanks to those who have helped protect our freedoms and those continuing to give! I appreciate your sacrifices.

We spent the third at Todd and Michelle's and had a great time yesterday. We got to see some of Coy's other nieces and nephews and his sister Judy. Everyone enjoyed the great food and the pool!!! Today we helped serve breakfast to police, fire and EMT personnel at the church then came home and enjoyed the A/C. Tomorrow is church and then the choir's musical.

Made chicken and stuffing (see recipe in previous post) and a new green bean recipe....Brett's green beans. It's a mixture of green beans, brown sugar, butter, and garlic. It was great! the girls thought it was a little too garlicky so I will cut that down next time. We still have lots of leftover desserts from when Mike and my parents were here....peach cobbler, super sour cake, sticky toffee pudding (yummy) and apple pie. No dessert baking for me this week!

Another busy week ahead with workouts and just trying to get everything done during the summer break...does it ever end???? I suspect not....

We stopped and bought fireworks on the way home last night and JoGail is so anxious she can hardly stand it. She just can't wait for those sparklers!! I had to take a nap so that maybe I can stay awake! haha must be getting old!