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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Texas History Lesson

Well, I have been educating Grace on Texas history this evening. We went through the Battle of GOliad, the Alamo and finally San Jacinto in the Texas Handbook online. I think she finally understands it a litle better. She had it all confused. She finally said the Capt Fannin wasn't the sharpest crayon in the box and I agree. He started the mess at Goliad. Anyway, it took a while, but I think she has it down now.

About vacation......we decided to go on a road trip....we are starting out in Rond Rock/Austin on Monday. Why, just awhile ago while eating watermelon at the kitchen bar JG discoverd a zoo in Austin......guess where she wants to go telling where we will end up.

Went through all the girls clothes last night......JG didn'thave much that still fit. She's growing! Grace's pants were short, so she's getting taller.

Coy mowed what he could. We have more srop sirclesin the yard where he had to dodge standing water. He got more mowed in 2 1/2 hours that I did in 2 days. Guess he's a little master on the men green machine. He cooked hamburgers for supper, too. They were good.

Haven't heard from anyone besides Deanna about a recipe for McAlister's tea..........

Still don't feel 80%. I just wnat to lay around and do nothing. Kind of unusual for me. Did manage to bake choc chip cookies for our trip and flash freeze the blueberries. I will get them into the bags tomorrow. Tomorrow's the big housecleaning and packing day. Won't be too bad once I get motivated to get, I decide to get it done.

OH I did the girls to the show today. Grace saw Evan Almighty and loved it (remember, she's a preteen) while JoGail and I saw Ratatouile. Our movie was okay if it's alright for rats to cook in a restaurant. That fact kind disgusted the whole movie for me, but JG liked it. She said it was alot better than Surf's Up.

Friday, June 29, 2007

It's Friday Night............

Time to print your bingo cards for tonight! (National Bingo night onTV)

I know you do this, TAC, so no use denying it....................JG will will be whooping and hollering...she loves that show.

Slept most of the afternoon. Taylor's s mom took the girls swimming with her. I went to the dr this am. ou're never gonna believe what I have now-------a sinus infection! More prednisone, avelox (antibiotic that could cure a horse according to Dr. Marple), and breathing treatments. We'll see. Was nice to rest all afternoon. Coy and I are going to the BIG doctor in Dallas July 12, I think. We're wondering if my body is not making steroids any more. That maybe my body doesn't think it needs to since I have been on so much. We don't know. zOf course, I wasoutside alot last week, too. I know I do better when I stay indoors, but that's really hard with two wonderfully active kids.

I don't think I've ever seen Grace happier than when she was playingin the mud the other day. She had so much fun.

Been very cloudy all afternoon. Guess more storms will roll through this evening.

Coy cleaned the floors for me oday! WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I really appreciate him doing that.


Can anyone find the secret sweet tea recipe for McAlister's online? I haven't had much luck.

Coy's planning on mowin again in September. He's considering giving swimming lessons in the 'pond' in the front yard. We could probably hold a fishing tournament in the bar ditches in the front, too. No cash prizes, though.

Soccer camp is over

Well, soccer camp is over. The girls had a wonderful time. We were glad to sleep in this morning...

We always stopped at a convenience store to go potty riht before we got to the camp. JoGail went every morning, except Friday. She got out and went in the store. When I asked her if she needed to go she said no, she just wanted to get out of the car for awhile!

Kids both got webinz (little stuffed animals from Hallmark). They give you a secret code then the kids have the same animal on the internet to feed, take care of , etc. They earn money playing games and then have to manage the money. They like it so far.
I have a sinus infection, so I'm back on prednisone and antibiotics. I don't want to feel yucky on vacation.
Somehow I managed to put the same picture of here twice, oh well...
Kids are swimming this afternoon with Taylor and her mom. We all slept in this morning!
Took Grace to Beall's to see what kind of clothes she watns to wear next year. SHe didn't find anyting in there she wanted. Meanwhile, JG wanted everything. She said things were rocking in there! We'll see!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rain, rain, rain

For those who aren't aware, it poured agian here today! We got over 2 inches in less than an hour. Fortuenately it didn't start until after soccer camp. The girls, especially JG, are having so much fun. Of course, they playe din the nud today, so they had to strip in the garage again before coming in the house.

Grace got her trip to Barnes and Noble today. She had a good time picking out books. She won the gift card for having the most AR points.

Coy's back from Austin. It was nice for us all to sit down and eat supper together tonight. Here's the new recipe we tried.


2 cans chicken drained
1 can rotel
1 can cream mushroom
1 can cream chicken
nacho dorritos

Spray casserole dish with pam. Crush chips and put in bottom. COmbine all other ingredients and pout into pan. Bake 350 for 30 minutes.

It was good. we all liked it.

Gotta let the kids play their new 'webkinz'.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Sat a saying today that maybe, just mabe my scrapbooking sister will make a pretty page for me to frame and set on my desk at work....................ready......drum roll please.............

I'll take work home the day I fold laundry at work...........

I love it!

Soccer Camp Day One

Well, it was raingin when we got there. And yes, we got there on time. So they started outin the gym. I did my morning walk on the upper deck going around the gym. Grace and Taylor just melted right in. They did have a hard time with some of the stretches and looked silly trying to do them.

JG was in the right group. They were doing the arm strech where you bring it across your body and push it with the other hand. Her whole group was moaning because it hurt and saying "Can we stop?" So glad i was not working with her group! Gonna be a long week for them.

When I returned to pick them up her shirt as completely wet. Evidently she poured her hermos of water all over her.

It rained about a half inch again this morning, so the one little patch I have left to mow will hav to wait. We have tumbling tonight. JG is taking a nap right now and Grcae stayed over at Taylor's.

Gott ago make thank you's for the businesses who supported the girls throughout the season.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Night

Well, its' sunday night. Kind of quiet with Coy gone. Took the girls swimming this afternoon. Got aheadache before we left the Cain Center. Think the chlorine is aggrevating me. I have suspected this before. But I am not sure what to do about it. Any ideas?

I am watching Platinum Weddings on tv. JG is NOT allowed to watch this, although I think Grace would be more likely to have the expensive tastes. This particuliar wedding's location cost $42, 500. Makes Buffalo gap look really really cheap. Her dress is $10,500 and weighs thirty pounds. I'm guessing you aren't reading this to hear my commentary on what I'm weatching on tv. So.....

Didn't quite finish mowing tonight. I feel like a TRUE BLUE East Texan.......I mowed with the headlights on...................felt like I was on a ride at Six Flags for awhile....lots of ruts from where they used to mow this with a tractor.

You do know that JG thinks Coy bought a JOhn Deere because its colors are green and gold.....

She told me today that she wants a bed that has an up and a down to it.....I'm guessing she means bunk beds??? She said she would sleep down some but mostly up.....

I've set the alarm pretty loud in the bathroom. That way I have to get up to shut it off....maybe I wil stay up! I'm praying the rain holds off until after noon.

Grace is a girl after all-just came and asked if she coul dmove furniture in her room.......guess HGTV might be in her blood afterall......should b-she's seen enough!

Stay tuned--trying a new recipe Wed night!!! It's a form of king ranch chicken.
Didn't get to post last night becuse of storms. Seems all it does around here is rain! But don't think that's a complaint! THe lakes are really full.

The parade was neat. We were running late, so we watched it fron the truck at the high school. As we walked to the square JG picked up tons of candy.....just what she needed. I saw kids with wal-mart sacks fulle rthan at Halloween. Coy and I got some fried pies from a booth on the square. Wow! They were awesome.

I mowed al little more for Coy yesterday thinking I could finish today. I don't know now! I promised the girls we would go swimming this afternoon.

Deanna, if Grace is going to drive the gocart inthe Christmas parade she needs to practice her driving skills!!!!

We have about decided to go Austin for vacation. Grace doesn't remember going to the capital. We are planning on doing that, touring UT, etc. Then we are going to the Ft Worth zoo and some other fun stuff around the here. Plus we are planning on doing some school clothes shopping. Grace wants any and everythign abercombie & Fritch.....she has VERY expensive tastes! We'll see!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Well, JoGail and I didn't bingo so we don't have to worry bout sharing with Coy and Grace. Maybe next week.

I can't believe it

**Correction on strawberry dessert---delete everything afater the cool whip in the ingredients section to the blank space. Things on my laptop tend to jump around when I accidentally hitthe mousepad on the computer

I can't believe I just printed out my bingo cards for national bingo night on abc! Hope I win somethin good!!!!JG has cards too. Coy and Grce think they are way toooo good to play...oh well, see if I share my winnings with them!

Coy was off today, so we all went to Tyler and took the computer to Best Buy.
Of course they have to keep it to work on it. (The mother board went out and when they put a new one in they messed up the ports. We should get a new computer out of this.). Of course for safety Coy backed everything up on our external hard drive and hen deleted everything off the computer. Who knows who would steal our idenit off it? Coy had therapy on his neck againl They put him in traction. He says it feels good. Hard for me to believe, though. I do know he has more range of motion in his neck since he started rehab.

My sister Beki's husband David had heart surgery today. I think they put 2 stints in. He has to spend the night in the hosipal then I thinkhe gets to go home tomorrow. Hopefully the stints will work. I think they do on most people.

Tomorrow we are planning on going to the Eustace Pioneer Days parade on the town square. Deanna, I think you have shamed Coy into going! hahahahahaha

Finally figured out today, thanks tho Cathy K, that my first grade class that I taught will be seniors this coming year! Oh my! I am still surprised they actually learned to read and do some math. Hopefully they figured out that Pocahantas did not come over on the Mayflower!


Several friends are building houses, so I thought I would tell some of the things I really like in my house.

ABSOLUTE NECESSITY: 1/2 bath off the kitchen We, as well as ou guests, use this all the time. Great for when the girls have friends over.

1. Air conditioner control that adjusts itself. No more remembering to turn the ac up or down before we leave to go somewhere.

2. Our master bath with the walk in closets (Coy has one and I have one) that have shelves built in. Plus the girls closets with 3 rods and built in shelves each.

3. My double ovens. I originnaly thought that if we ever built this was something I might or might not want. I can't live without them now!

4. Carpet in only the bedrooms and playroom. (I prefer tile or hardwood upstairs in the playroom, but there's carpet. )

5. The dark stain on the kitchen cabinets. Makes them look a little more custom.

6. The way the girls bathroom is separate. The commode/bath is separate from the getting ready area.

7. Closets that the light goes on when the door is open. It's also a dislike because the door has to be shut for the light to go off. (hard for JG to remember!)

8. The front porch. I need an old rocker to go out there. Anyone got one to let me use?????

9. The playroom over the garage and away from the bed rooms. When someone spends the night the girls stay up there and don't bother anyone! The girls go up there to watch their shows and movies and play while they do. Keeps toys out of the living room.

10. Being out in the country yet still having neighbors. Living on a cul de sac road the girls can ride their bikes and scooters on without me having to worry. As most of you know, my girls llive outside as much as inside, especially Grace.

other house favorites:

granite counter tops--althoughI would havae chsoen a different color

a finished garage-great place for stinky cleats and shin guards

tile floors-easy to clean, but if it falls on it, whatever it was is GONE, SHATTERED-not very forgiving with a seven year old in the house

the spare room we use as an office--we would put it closer to our room if we had a choice

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Creamy Strawberry dessert

Missy- I bet Alex would like this !

Creamy Strawberry Dessert

1 1/2 cups crushed vanilla wafers
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup melted butter

Mix together and pat into the bottom of a 13x9x2 pan. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

2 small (3oz) packages strawberry gelatin
1 cup boiling water
1 package 16 oz frozen sweetened sliced strawberries
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 carton (12 oz) cool whip berries and milk. Refrigerate for 30 minutes or until partially set.

In a large bowl, dissolve gelatin in boiling water Stir in strawberries and milk. Refrigerate for 30 minutes or until partially set.

Fold coolwhip ino strawberry mixture. Spread strawberry mixture over crust. Refrigerate for 2 hours or until set.


Thursday--I figured out how to add a picture! WOOHOO!!! Thsi is JoGail at the tea party she and Hailey had.Yes, father the alarm will help me next week.....however I know for a fact it will NOT get by my BIG butt out of bed..........I also know I can hit snooze at least 6 times and get away with it since Coy will not be here......He has his supt conference in Austin.

Hailey spent last night. I went to bed at 10:30 and they were still up. They were up in the playroom pretending that puppy (Hailey uses the back up one) were babies. They had diapers adn clothes everywhere. I took some picts of them playin the eukalalie to puppy. I didn't go walking this morning. I was afraid JG and Hailey would wake up and decide to make breakfast for themselves, so I sacrificed walking for a day. :) Around 11 Hailey's mom brought Hailey's older sister, Ashley over to play with Grace. Ashley is a year behind Grace. So they were all over here this afternoon !

I tried a new recipe for supper and I think it made the best gravy I have ever made---and I didnt do a thing!

1-1 1/2 pounds skirt steak or round steak

1 can french onion soup (Yes, I am aware there are onionsn in it)

1 can cream mushroom soup

1 soup can water

Sear (brown) steaks in skillet. Put in roasting pan. Cover with soups and water. Bake 325 degress for a couple of hours.

It reminded me of the meals mom used to make whenwe were growing up.So far we've had three new recipes this week and they've all turned out good. Could it be because I actually followed them without trying to doctor them up on my own??????hum......I try to post the strawberry dessert one soon. JoGail and Coy really like it. (it has eagle brand in it so I knew it had to be good!).

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Walkd this morning then mowed the front for Coy. Actually read the lawn mower book and figured out how to run the John Deere. Still had to leave some unmowed because of the water still standing. Supposed to rain again tonight, though. Took the girls and Hailey swimming this afternoon. The first thing Hailey did was go up to Grceand stick out her tongue. hhehhhaaa. Hailey haas cheerleading this afternoon then she;s coming to spend the night. That means I have to make cinnnamom roll sin the morning. Bought the studd so we can all do coke floats tonight after she gets here. Been having headahes again. I think it miht be beacuse of the chlorine at the pool. Gonna be hard to get up net week and get the girls to Tyler by 8 for soccer camp.
testing to see if this works