Lauries Kitchen

Friday, June 22, 2007

I can't believe it

**Correction on strawberry dessert---delete everything afater the cool whip in the ingredients section to the blank space. Things on my laptop tend to jump around when I accidentally hitthe mousepad on the computer

I can't believe I just printed out my bingo cards for national bingo night on abc! Hope I win somethin good!!!!JG has cards too. Coy and Grce think they are way toooo good to play...oh well, see if I share my winnings with them!

Coy was off today, so we all went to Tyler and took the computer to Best Buy.
Of course they have to keep it to work on it. (The mother board went out and when they put a new one in they messed up the ports. We should get a new computer out of this.). Of course for safety Coy backed everything up on our external hard drive and hen deleted everything off the computer. Who knows who would steal our idenit off it? Coy had therapy on his neck againl They put him in traction. He says it feels good. Hard for me to believe, though. I do know he has more range of motion in his neck since he started rehab.

My sister Beki's husband David had heart surgery today. I think they put 2 stints in. He has to spend the night in the hosipal then I thinkhe gets to go home tomorrow. Hopefully the stints will work. I think they do on most people.

Tomorrow we are planning on going to the Eustace Pioneer Days parade on the town square. Deanna, I think you have shamed Coy into going! hahahahahaha

Finally figured out today, thanks tho Cathy K, that my first grade class that I taught will be seniors this coming year! Oh my! I am still surprised they actually learned to read and do some math. Hopefully they figured out that Pocahantas did not come over on the Mayflower!