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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Texas History Lesson

Well, I have been educating Grace on Texas history this evening. We went through the Battle of GOliad, the Alamo and finally San Jacinto in the Texas Handbook online. I think she finally understands it a litle better. She had it all confused. She finally said the Capt Fannin wasn't the sharpest crayon in the box and I agree. He started the mess at Goliad. Anyway, it took a while, but I think she has it down now.

About vacation......we decided to go on a road trip....we are starting out in Rond Rock/Austin on Monday. Why, just awhile ago while eating watermelon at the kitchen bar JG discoverd a zoo in Austin......guess where she wants to go telling where we will end up.

Went through all the girls clothes last night......JG didn'thave much that still fit. She's growing! Grace's pants were short, so she's getting taller.

Coy mowed what he could. We have more srop sirclesin the yard where he had to dodge standing water. He got more mowed in 2 1/2 hours that I did in 2 days. Guess he's a little master on the men green machine. He cooked hamburgers for supper, too. They were good.

Haven't heard from anyone besides Deanna about a recipe for McAlister's tea..........

Still don't feel 80%. I just wnat to lay around and do nothing. Kind of unusual for me. Did manage to bake choc chip cookies for our trip and flash freeze the blueberries. I will get them into the bags tomorrow. Tomorrow's the big housecleaning and packing day. Won't be too bad once I get motivated to get, I decide to get it done.

OH I did the girls to the show today. Grace saw Evan Almighty and loved it (remember, she's a preteen) while JoGail and I saw Ratatouile. Our movie was okay if it's alright for rats to cook in a restaurant. That fact kind disgusted the whole movie for me, but JG liked it. She said it was alot better than Surf's Up.


Laurie said...

It's supposed to be Crop circles in the yard and he's faster on the mean green machine.