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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Didn't get to post last night becuse of storms. Seems all it does around here is rain! But don't think that's a complaint! THe lakes are really full.

The parade was neat. We were running late, so we watched it fron the truck at the high school. As we walked to the square JG picked up tons of candy.....just what she needed. I saw kids with wal-mart sacks fulle rthan at Halloween. Coy and I got some fried pies from a booth on the square. Wow! They were awesome.

I mowed al little more for Coy yesterday thinking I could finish today. I don't know now! I promised the girls we would go swimming this afternoon.

Deanna, if Grace is going to drive the gocart inthe Christmas parade she needs to practice her driving skills!!!!

We have about decided to go Austin for vacation. Grace doesn't remember going to the capital. We are planning on doing that, touring UT, etc. Then we are going to the Ft Worth zoo and some other fun stuff around the here. Plus we are planning on doing some school clothes shopping. Grace wants any and everythign abercombie & Fritch.....she has VERY expensive tastes! We'll see!


Deanna said...

You know, the scary thing is Jason said the same thing about Grace driveing the go cart! I guess she will have to come over when Jason is home and practice. Maybe she will think that is not "beneath" her!! LOL

Laurie said...

PawPaw, what do you think?

I think she would be scared to death.

Nara Visa Cowboy Gathering said...

Pawpaw says that Grace probably needs to practice her driving on the JD tractor, mowing!