Lauries Kitchen

Friday, June 29, 2007

Soccer camp is over

Well, soccer camp is over. The girls had a wonderful time. We were glad to sleep in this morning...

We always stopped at a convenience store to go potty riht before we got to the camp. JoGail went every morning, except Friday. She got out and went in the store. When I asked her if she needed to go she said no, she just wanted to get out of the car for awhile!

Kids both got webinz (little stuffed animals from Hallmark). They give you a secret code then the kids have the same animal on the internet to feed, take care of , etc. They earn money playing games and then have to manage the money. They like it so far.
I have a sinus infection, so I'm back on prednisone and antibiotics. I don't want to feel yucky on vacation.
Somehow I managed to put the same picture of here twice, oh well...
Kids are swimming this afternoon with Taylor and her mom. We all slept in this morning!
Took Grace to Beall's to see what kind of clothes she watns to wear next year. SHe didn't find anyting in there she wanted. Meanwhile, JG wanted everything. She said things were rocking in there! We'll see!