Lauries Kitchen

Monday, June 25, 2007

Soccer Camp Day One

Well, it was raingin when we got there. And yes, we got there on time. So they started outin the gym. I did my morning walk on the upper deck going around the gym. Grace and Taylor just melted right in. They did have a hard time with some of the stretches and looked silly trying to do them.

JG was in the right group. They were doing the arm strech where you bring it across your body and push it with the other hand. Her whole group was moaning because it hurt and saying "Can we stop?" So glad i was not working with her group! Gonna be a long week for them.

When I returned to pick them up her shirt as completely wet. Evidently she poured her hermos of water all over her.

It rained about a half inch again this morning, so the one little patch I have left to mow will hav to wait. We have tumbling tonight. JG is taking a nap right now and Grcae stayed over at Taylor's.

Gott ago make thank you's for the businesses who supported the girls throughout the season.