Lauries Kitchen

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

about being sick........

I am down to a swig of nyquil in the morning and one in the afternoon....several at night.....waiting on Daddy to bring his special cough syrup!......although some of Gina's Tequila rose would probably work!Sure slept good last Thursday night!


We had a great Christmas. It was quiet and fun. It amazes me that Coy and I still wake up earlier than the girls on Christmas Day. We built a fire, started the cinnamon rolls, then the girls finally got up. Grace got her pogo stick and I'm surprised we have n't had to go to the emergency room yet. I think it's harder than she thought it would be to jump on it. JoGail is thoroughly pleased since she got her Barbie Island Princess movie and Barbie doll. We vowed to never put JoGail's presents in a box again. It takes too long for her to figure out how to open the box!
Mama, Daddy and Mike ( hoepfully Missy and her boys) are coming down on Friday. TAC is supposed to be comin gup from Louisiana. And we will have get together here on Sat. Maybe Larry and Jann will make it too.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'm siiiccckkkk

I think I have the flu. I have no voice and aches all over and am running a fever. I hope it is over soon. It's no fun being off and feeling yucky!!!

JoGail came in and asked me a while ago if we could pretend today was Christmas Eve and Santa could come, that's not how it have to wait! Her letter to Santa was in the paper yesterday. Apparently she wants a Dallas Cowboys shirt.......where has she been the last eight years????That's not happening in this house!

Grace placed first in dictionary skills and third in Spelling. She's working on the scripps spelling bee list now. She's been improving at basketball. Her first game is Jan 5. I'm not sure of the time. Of course coaching most of soccer team to play basketball is hilarious because you have to translates everything into 'soccer' terms. Who would have thought? She is a very talented athlete, though. I'm sure she gets most of that from Coy.

Coy has enjoyed being off with the girls by himself. They played all kinds of games and ran all sorts of errands. The girls are figuring out that he always wins the games......

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We are almost to break!

We are almost to Christmas break! Yahoo! Getting harder and harder to get the kids to bed. Grace had her UIL competition yesterday. Haven't heard how she did. She particpated in spelling and dictionary skills.

Daddy's surgery went well. He has already lost the numbness and tingling in his arms and can turn his head quite a ways. Now the incision has to heal. Mike and Missy turn 28 (can onyone believe that?) today. We've about finished all the Christmas shopping... I, I hope so....lots of wrapping to do now!

Cold (upper 30's) and rainy and windy here. Makes me want heated car seats (I got spoiled to that in Amarillo last weekend).

In case you decide to come visit house cleaning has stopped until I get out for Christmas break! Be prepared!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Soccer ends...for now

Soccer ended this morning about 10:30. Grace's team made it to the quarterfinals and got beat 1-0. It was hard loss, but the girls played great. It's hard to play soccer games several time sin a weekend. At least it wasn't raining today. Yeterday was cool, wet and windy. THAT was NO fun!

Basketball starts tomorrow evening with their first practice. It's going to be interesting to see how the soccer girls switch to basketball. (I think there are three or four from soccer playing on the basketball team.)Coy and the soccer coach, Brance are the coaches. I don't know if they have a name yet.....any suggestions out there?

JoGail is in full swing for Christmas. She wants it all! Her class is singing at the Christmas on the square in Eustace next Sat night.

Beki's husband, David is doing better. He had a quadruple bypass surgery Friday. All reports indicate that it was successful and that he is feeling a little better. My dad undergoes a surgery this coming Friday. I will fly up Thursday night and be able to help hospital sit with him. Please keep them all in your prayers!