Lauries Kitchen

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


We had a great Christmas. It was quiet and fun. It amazes me that Coy and I still wake up earlier than the girls on Christmas Day. We built a fire, started the cinnamon rolls, then the girls finally got up. Grace got her pogo stick and I'm surprised we have n't had to go to the emergency room yet. I think it's harder than she thought it would be to jump on it. JoGail is thoroughly pleased since she got her Barbie Island Princess movie and Barbie doll. We vowed to never put JoGail's presents in a box again. It takes too long for her to figure out how to open the box!
Mama, Daddy and Mike ( hoepfully Missy and her boys) are coming down on Friday. TAC is supposed to be comin gup from Louisiana. And we will have get together here on Sat. Maybe Larry and Jann will make it too.