Lauries Kitchen

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We are almost to break!

We are almost to Christmas break! Yahoo! Getting harder and harder to get the kids to bed. Grace had her UIL competition yesterday. Haven't heard how she did. She particpated in spelling and dictionary skills.

Daddy's surgery went well. He has already lost the numbness and tingling in his arms and can turn his head quite a ways. Now the incision has to heal. Mike and Missy turn 28 (can onyone believe that?) today. We've about finished all the Christmas shopping... I, I hope so....lots of wrapping to do now!

Cold (upper 30's) and rainy and windy here. Makes me want heated car seats (I got spoiled to that in Amarillo last weekend).

In case you decide to come visit house cleaning has stopped until I get out for Christmas break! Be prepared!


Nara Visa Cowboy Gathering said...

Binky doesn't keep house? What's that kitty do all day??
Waiting on UIL results from Grace and Ben. Brittle factory opened today! You are right--the pecan is MUCH better. Mama sez it's for people that that don't know better!!
Snowing here-right now!!