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Monday, December 29, 2008

JoGail's Recipe

This is a recipe JG and I made this afternoon from her new cookbook that she got from Santa. I was surprisingly shocked at how good these were!!!This would be great when you have a bunch of little people over that want to help out in the kitchen!

Portable Pizzas

individual packets of cheese its
1 jar of pizza sauce
italian cheese blend or mozz cheese

Heat some of the pizza sauce in a bowl in the microwave. Open the packets of cheese its. Cut off some of the packet (makes it easeire to get to the cheese its). Put about 1 tablespoon of sauce in teh packet sna cover with cheese. Eat with a spoon. We put oursover a plate just to catch anything that fell.

I think you could add some chopped meat (like ham or pepperoni) to this also and it would be good.

We are getting ready to go to Louisiana to Toot's New Year's Eve bonfire. We will have cell phones.

Here's Grace's number---903.681.3760.

The girls are outside hepling Coy put outside decortions up. It's nice now that they are big enough to really help! Thy helped with th einside ones and it went so much faster!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas on the Square

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OK I am trying smilebbox. It didn't save my typing on the last page......hummmmmmhave to recheck that.
This may be the only way I start scrapbooking!


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Monday, December 08, 2008

Finally posted again!

Well, TOC is over. We got beat the first game 1-0 and then won the second 2-0. The team we played made it to the finals, so that helps the hurt a little. But we literally lost it in the last 45 seconds. A girl dribbled the length of the field and scored. It was almos surreal. We'll probably still be ranked pretty high since we won the TUrkeyshoot and we only lost 1-0 to a team that made it to the finals. So it's on to basketball.
JG is learning just how important reading is in 3rd grade. She has come so far! She's worried she might have to stay for tutoring once January rolls around. I told her that if she does, she does. I'd rather her get help than fail that stupid test. She's still on cloud nine from getting Student of the month, though.
We set out all the decorations yesterday. It was a beautiful day here so after church we all got outside and got them up. The girls are finally getting big enough to really help. I tried a new recipe tonight but I am goin to have to work onit to get it right-eggnog bread. It was good, just overflowed my pan pretty good. Work is busy busy. Referrals seem to be flying in on overnight express!!I guess I can look at it as job security! haha

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Update

Let's see...
Coy's salad (Of which I like NO ingredients-except the 2 TBS sugar) is made and in the fridge. The pie is made and in the other fridge. Turkey is thawed and awaiting 7 am in the morning. Dressing is in the fridge. Cranberry sauce is in the fridge. Finally broke down and went to Block buster for the girls to get movies-so JG would leave me alone!!!I love her but whew!!!!She got Barbie movies. Grace got Spaceballs...remember that??? and Mr. Magoo..pretty good choices for a twelve year old! Of course the 1 movie I actually wanted to see was all checked out--A Christmas Story. Several people have recommended ti to me for the girls. I have only had to tell JoGail to get away from the china dishes twice so far.......twice........She took the pumpkin crunch over to the neighbors this afternoon and I think she talked their ears off. She was gone about 20 minutes. A funny thing about it is that his first name is also Coy. How weird is that? I remember taking stuff to Mrs. Nelson's across the street when I was young. She made the best lemon meringue pie. Speaking of pies, Coy got a chocolate pie from Mrs. Frazier for his birthday. It was the first time I had ever tasted it.....IT WAS WONDERFUL. She told me she would teach me how to make one...maybe she can teach me before mom and dad visit next.
Speaking of which, for those who know, he has started his brittle making!!!!!He said he's making adjustments fro an electric stove, so we'll see if it measures up to the previous years....I'll bet it's even better.

I've been stumbling on the computer this evening and have found some new recipes to try!!!!!I think I'm going to try the chocolate pecan cheesecake bars to take to work next week. I stillhave to make Coy a chocolate layered cake sometime between now and Christmas. I promised him one for his birthday. But since there was so much going on for Grace we agreed to wait.


TOC First weekend of December --Cedar Hill
Eustace Christmas on the Square-Grace is on a float-Dec 13 (I think)
Board Meeting December 18
AWANAS-JoGail on Wed nights
First Band Concert-December 11
Grace's Christmas Get Together at the house-movies-December 19???
New Year's Eve Bonfire in Ragley, LA
Basketball First Game the first weekend of Jan (2nd)????

And of course all the activities at the Middle school and high school.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Soccer pictures

I finally had beautiful weather to take some picts of the girls in their soccer uniforms. I think they turned out great. Can't wait to see what Missy scraps with these! We are spending a quiet Thanksgiving here at the house. We are so thankful to be together and to be home. We enjoy traveling, but we have had so much going on that it is nice to just put our feet up on the coffee table. I boiled the sweet potatoes tonight and made a pot of vegetable soup. Then I made some pumpkin crunch. I put it into two pans so we can give one to the neighbor. I splurged and put a stick of butter on EACH pan...........thank you Paula Deen! Grace went grocery shopping with me this afternoon. It was nice being able to send someone to go get something and have them actually return with it. Jogail is wathcing the Snoopy Thanksgiving. It's hard to beat Snoopy at the holidays! Even Grace is sneak peeking at it. As you can probably tell, I am feeling well. I had alot of blood work done this past week. He said my blood sugars are awesome, and the my low and good cholestreol was great but that my triglycerides were through the roof. You know I thought that once I walked and lost some weight he would take off a medicine, not add one!!!!! Grace's team plays in Cedar Hill the first Sat in December and then Frisco the next day, so if you are close, give us shout and come see her play. They played so well and so tough last weekend. She got cleated pretty good in her left leg. It looks horrible. She has a deep bruise about the size of a softball and a knot in the center of it. You can acutally see the cleat marks. We've had her soaking in epsom salts the past two nights and she said that helps. I think it's the worst bruise I have ever seen. Coy is anxious to start basketball season with Grace's team. The core tema is stilltogether and we picked up a few more from the soccer team. It's always exciting watching them play! Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

I have been reprimanded for not posting lately, but seriously.........we are busy and when we are home, I am tired. As in pooped, as in exhausted. Eustace has made the playoffs in volleyball, football and cross country, so we are still on the go. Grace's team has one more tournament before TOC in December. It's soccer, soccer, and more soccer at night. We all get home around 5:30 and go from there. JoGail has two more Sat soccer games then she is done. Here's a picture of the girls trick or treating.....Grace went to 'protect' JoGail.....not sure what she dressed up as, though! JoGail was a little tiger. Grace gave her first Student Council speech today. She said she was nervous, and that it lasted about 10 seconds!! The class votes Friday on who they want for a rep. Kudos to Aunt Missy and Uncle Alex for sending some balloons and flowers to give her some extra confidence! JoGail announced tonight that she was chosen as a Reeve Rascal. That's a program her principal does to reward those students who have worked hard and given it their all.She gets to go eat pizza with him this Friday. She is so excited about that. Work is keeping me busy! I have fewer than normal kids on my caseload, but I stay busy! This has been my most unique year as a diag yet! Coy is busy all the time. He has a blog on the school's on the left side bar and click superintendent's blog. Need to head onto bed...tomorrow's another long day!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pumpkin Crunch

Really really good recipe. Sort of like a pumkin dump cake!

Pumpkin Crunch

1 can ( 15oz) pumpkin (small can)
1 large can ( 12 oz) evap milk
3 eggs
1 ¾ c sugar
1 ½ teaspoons cinnamon

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix together in a bowl on LOW speed. Be careful it has the potential to splatter everywhere!!!!

Pour into greased 13x9x2 pan.

Empty 1 box golden butter dry cake mix over pumpkin layer.
Next put 1 cup chopped pecans.
Next put 1 cup melted butter.

Bake at 350 for 50-55 mins. Cool completely before cutting. Store in the refrigerator.

Can top with cool whip if you like.

I am so excited!!

I am so excited! My sister Missy and her husband are coming this Friday and I am TAKING, YES,TAKING the day off to go to Canton once they get here!!!!Grace has a flex day (students who meet certain criteria get the day off) so she will get to go with us. It has been awhile since I have been to Canton-even though it's so close! Anybody out there got a favorite booth in Canton to share???

Today started off bad. Dropped the Mr Coffee tea maker pitcher and of course it cracked. So I had to order another one. Of course it takes a special size to fit under the maker. I can't live without my decaf tea made with splenda and lemon juice!I spent most of the day at the junior high working. Came out frozen. The a/c in my new little office froze me, with a jacket on. We thought we turned the vents but lo and behold all my papers still blew everywhere and it was now blowing on my eyelashes. I couldn't work because I was batting my eyelashes at a computer screen too much. I went to the my principal, Dr. Jolly and ask for a visor. He didn't have one but in true fashion off erred to make one for me out of duct tape. I just love my principals!!!!They are so creative!!!!Honestly though, they do 'take care of me.'

Grace has her first round of six weeks tests this week. We'll see how she does. Sometimes she strikes me as a really strong, intelligent young lady and other times she is a just a middle school punk. She and I were hugging this afternoon and we are skull to skull. She is just so strong. JoGail is still the goofiest thing I have ever known. She definitely keeps us laughing. Last week she came home telling us she wanted to be Betty Rose for Halloween. I finally ask her who in the old world Betty Rose was. She said, you know the lady who helped the sew the American flag. She meant Betsy Ross. She needs a Biblical character costume for the Hallelujah festival at church. Any ideas? Needs to be easy. Send me ideas.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Soccer time is here!!!

Soccer time is finally here!!!!! JoGail moved up a division. This means a bigger field and a bigger ball, plus more people on the field at once. They lost but played well!! You can tell the fundamentals are starting to develop in most of them. All of her team attends Eustace and they pretty much all get along. Simply scoring a goal in the first game in the U10 division is impressive!!!!!!!!!!I had to include the picture of JoGail sleeping!! She basically went to bed laast night around 4 o'clock. She slept all night and got up raring to go this morning!!!!

Speaking of this morning. Church was wonderful. The choir did a musical and it was really really good.

Grace's team played awesome. It was probably the best game the team has EVER played!!!!They worked together and worked the ball really really well. The other team scored a goal (on a PK), but it was still sooo good! Grace played various positions and ended up in the goal box the second half. (I don't think she minded--I think she was ready for a break from running!!!) We lost several players for various reasons, but the girls really stepped it up and played well.

Homecoming 2008

We won! Eustace won their Homecoming game 41-32!! The girls and left in the middle of the fourth quarter when Eustace fell behind 28-24. Imagine our suprose when Coy came in and told us we had won!!! The next day we started soccer (Ike postponed the start of the season). Look for pictures i a little bit. I'm posting a picture of the girls with their mums made by their wonderful Aunt Missy!!!!!I didn't realize their shirts were sagging until I saw the picture!!UGH! The other pictures are pictures of the girls with their friends at the game.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

New recipe!!!!!

I made this today for lunch. I got the recipe froma dear co-worker, Jane. It was so good and I duplicated it well!!!!

Jane's Open Face Stromboli

1 package turkey peperoni
1 package Italian sausage, browned
1 jar pizza sauce
1 french bread (the kind already baked)
olive oil (to drizzle)
Mozz cheese

Cut the bread in half. Then slice lengthwise to get 8 slices. Place on baking sheet lined with foil (easy cleanup). Drizzle bread with olive oil, then put 2 teaspoons of pizza sauce on each bread. Put peperoni and cooked suasage in blender or food processor and chop until very fine. Put meat on top of pizza sauce. Cover in cheese. Broil until hot and cheese melts. Eat it likes its a piece of pizza. Yummy! Yummy!

School started this past Monday. JoGail had her name moved on Wednesday. Yes, for talking. So here we go again. She says she gets stuff on her mind and just has to talk. So I am thinking about sending a notebook (the one Aunt Missy decorated with her name on it) to school with her so she can write down her thoughts when she feels like the HAS to talk. What do you'll think????She loves her teacher and really loves finally getting to the Intermediate school! Her soccer practice started last week,so she was in full swing. By Thursday night she was going to bed at 7!!!She was so tired.

Grace made her away around the Middle School. She has discovered she sits behind the same person in almost every class because they assign them seats alphabetically. All of the sudden she's into taking 3 showers a day and toting a hairbrush around (never thought I would see that!). She's participating in band and wants to play the trumpet. I think Missy is still locating Mike's so maybe she can use that one. She says she will give us a wake up call in the morning when she learns to play it. We'll see. Her soccer is going in full swing. They have 13 players this season, so there's not alot of substitutes! Her team will be in at least 2 tournaments, so I will try to let everyone know when and where they are.I haven't received a schedule for either team yet. I am planning to try and scan it and post it when I get them.

Coy is starting to take after PawPaw Cole. He told them it was called Labor Day for a reason, so they have been outside raking with him. (beats moving wood) They have worked doing that most of this afternoon. Speaking of Coy, he gets some wisdom teeth pulled Wednesday. (first thing in the morning) The girls are spending Tuesday might with Deanna and Jason, since I couldn't get them to school on time and have him in Tyler at that time. I'm praying it goes well. We'll see.

My relatives in Lake Charles, LA are fanning out again. Hopefully the storm won't be as bad as Katrina and Rita were. Just be safe and keep in touch!

I learned how to crochet a little yesterday afternoon. We had a 'hen' party after work and I think I finally got it. I know why Emmer had arthritis. My hands were hurting something fierce when I first started! Still trying to learn how to make a pot holder or dish rag......guess what everyone is getting for Christmas????haha we'll see. Better tell me your favorite colors just in case, though.

Well, I am typing this on the home computer and Grace is picketing until I get off.....Missy has some good news so call her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am soo proud of her!!!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's official!

We are a Southern family!!!! Made some beans and 2 (yes 2) pans of cornbread and only had a sliver left!

The girls are home !!!!

The girls have been back a bill has doubles and I believe the loads of laundry to wash have tripled!!!! But it is so good to have my children home. We really missed them. They are still talking about camp--especially going to the museum. JoGail just told me this afternoon that she got to touch 'real' cotton at camp.

Grace just continues to amaze us. She performed well at the performance camp this summer. SO, she's been begging for free weights ever since and if she keeps it up may get them before her birthday in November. (We just have to finish the projects in the garage first to make a place for them. :) ) She's been pricing them online and everything. So she decided to keep working on her chin ups......she took the bar stools and put a broom stick between them....I now have a warped broom stick. Then this afternoon she kept coming and and going out with the yard stick. We finally asked her what in the world was she doing. Well, it turns out she was trying to mark off 40 yards in the yard so she can run some 40's. Coy stepped them off and off she ran. I think she said she did 20 today. But she's doing this all on her own!!!!I think that's wonderful. Of course, she's an Olympic junkie. She's hooked on Phelps and is sort of admitting volleyball isn't bad after watching the women's beach volleyball. She said maybe she and Lindsey could do that. So maybe there is hope for her yet in volleyball! Her soccer practice starts next week. She's ready to see everybody!

JoGail has had a bad week. She just can't seem to 'remember' to put her stuff up around the house. I think every room has a little bit of JoGail in it. Drives us crazy!!!!She's been jumping on the trampoline and then running to the house for her exercise. She moves up to U10 this season so her field will get alot bigger! Coy's going to coach her team and most of the players from last year are playing again. She's creating recipe sin the kitchen and trying to surprise me with them. Last week it was all about making something with sour cream and mozz cheese.........I don't complain lest I stifle her creativity. She's still the only 8 year old I know that lives for the food channel and reads cookbooks. (Too bad they won't give her AR points!)

Garden update!!!!Watermelons are still growing everywhere. We surrender to whatever animal is toting off the cantaloupes and then dropping them 6 feet outside of the garden area. I'm tired of giving away okra, too. The neighbors are starting to lock their cars to keep us from leaving it on the front seat (they won't answer the door when they see JG coming with a wal-mart sack on her bike) haha Coy said we may have watermelons for Thanksgiving!!!3 little plants......sooo many watermelons!!!

Going to go walk. I tried to walk yesterday morning but it was storming......then I walked a little before the football scrimmage this morning. Our guys were awesome, too!!!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

AAAHHHH the quiet life

Most of you know it was back to work for me last Monday. (Poor Coy has been working all summer) Been a tough week, lost of met tings and plenty of sitting! I have managed to get up and walk every day, although it's not as long as I was walking in the summer. (got to get up EARLIER for that) The girls have been at Camp Grammy PawPaw this week. I've heard tales of building birdhouses, ghosts, and evidently dumping buckets of water on people! We meet them Sat in Wichita Falls to make the swap. I'm anxious to see them (the girls), but oh how nice it has been with peace and quiet around here. Nobody's asked to borrow my cell phone ALL week!!! (to text, not talk)I have even managed to take a bath without people knocking on the door or peeping through the fireplace into the bathroom. I have done a good job monitoring my carbs this week, too. Somehow it's easier when you don't have to 'fix' supper every night. (Coy's fine with sandwiches and canned soup or salad---wahoo!!!)Back to menu planning next week.

Enrollment is expected to be down at Eustace this year. Will let you know. I'm not sure if Mabank is affected or not. Many families that once commuted to work in Dallas are moving back because of gas prices.

Walking group is still going strong--bravos to you ladies--one lady has lost her goal of twenty pounds with the help of walking and a nutritionist........wahoo!!Guess how much i have lost-----after walking over 150 miles this summer-- the same--about three pounds according to my home scale. I think I am going to start weighing at school. I like that scale better. It's friendlier! It says (based on a starting weight off my home scale) 11 pounds. I think I will drag with my everywhere so I can ALWAYS have the friendly scale with me!!!

Should have tough love cleaned out the girls' rooms while they were gone, but I didn't. Will probably regret much easier to throw things away when they aren't here.

Saw my cousin;s wife on "So You Think You Can Dance" show tonight. She had submitted a Snuggle Happy Dance video and won some tickets out to the show. She's grinning and waving wearing a red shirt when they showed the winners. Way to go, Becky G!!!! (Your wedding is still the funnest I have ever been to, by the way!!)

It was wonderful to see all my co workers and friends back at work this week. The rest of the 'family' gets there next week. Not very many new faces in Spec Programs this year (that's a good thing). Tina, Gina, Jane, Jodie, and Casey--I'm so glad you all had a good break, but I'm glad to see you all again! We had a Visual impairment workshop the other day and got to put on simulator glasses so we can see what it's like for some of our VI kids. Wow! Such a great workshop. It was the whole 'walk a mile in my shoes' type thing.

Anybody out there know anything about a book called "The Shack"? Somebody told me I would like's about a man and God tells him to meet him in 'the shack'..........if you know anything let me know...I am thinking about trying to order it. I would like to know more before I order, though. I am also thinking about ordering "The Last Lecture" book, too. I got it at the library but I think I want to reread it and write all in it then pass it on to Gina-let her write all in it--then pass it on to Tina or Jane or Casey or Jodie!!!!You know the traveling book type thing!!!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

here we go again

Well, it's school time again! Coy's starting his 25th year so I guess that means I'm going on 15. Still along ways to go until retirement, though!

We met Mike and delivered the goods, um I mean girls. Grace invited her friend Jordan to go. I know they will have a good time. Grammy and PawPaw have to be on good behavior with her there!(LOL) Meanwhile Binky is in shock because the house is so quiet. I'm (still) hoping to dabble in photoshop some this week. I bought a book, so that's at least a start!

I start back tomorrow. No I am not ready. I have things to schedule asap and just dread doing that. Once I get past these first few I will be ok. Our new computer program rocks! We have been doing the test pilot for two weeks and so far I love it!!!!We are set to transfer over around Sept 1 (we are one of the first to get to do that!)

Going to try and get up early this week to keep walking. I figured I have walked over 150 miles this summer and lost....get ready for this......drum roll please......maybe, maybe three pounds. At that rate I will be 90 before I lose the weight I need to. But in my defense, I am not taking diet pills or anything like that. Still, I expected more to be off by now. I go back at the end of Sept to check blood sugar, blood pressure, etc...Friends from Eustace are supposed to email me to make sure I keep walking.......hint hint nudge nudge!!!

Both girls are signed up for soccer. Grace is set to move from goalie to sweeper. She is soo excited. It's going to be different for her. Coy is still going to coach JG's team. They move up to a BIGGER field this season plus it's a longer game. Both girls have a chance for their team to make it to TOC this December. We'll just have to see!

Friday, August 01, 2008

We're back!

We had a wonderful time at the Great Wolf! It was nice to get away from the world for a while! The girls really enjoyed the indoor waterpark and Grace loved the magiquest game. JoGail and Coy hit the arcade while I read. But alas, we have to get back to the real world!

Garden is still going. Just this morning I had to untangle a watermelon vie from some okra plants. Wouldn't have done it except there was a baby watermelon starting to grow. Amazingly we have new blooms on the watermelon vines! Still getting oodles of okra.

The girls are getting ready to head to my folks for Camp Grammy PawPaw. They always look forward to that and the neat things they do. Grace is taking a friend, Jordan, with her. Thankfully Missy is meeting us in Wichita Falls on Sunday. Then it's back to work for me on Monday!

I'm still walking. takes more for me to get up earlier, but I am trying. My new walking shoes gave me a huge blister on the back of my heel. That has to count for something! I tried something new to eat on vacation-shrimp embrochette. It was soo good. I want to try and make it. It's shrimp stuffed with cream cheese and crab meat and wrapped in a piece of bacon.

The girls are headed to swimming with Ashley and Haley Purselley. They will have a good time.
I'm dabbling in photo shop again. I bought the book Missy recommended and and trying to learn it. If I can do some stuff I'll post again and put some picts up.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Washing machine saga.....2nd posting tonight

Well, the washing machine has decided after 12 years to try and give it up. Now, me being the person who does the laundry, would love to retire it in peace. It served it's purpose. When you wash the lid has to be down to signal the machine to go to the next cycle. My lid isn't staying down. The girls and I have been beating it like crazy to try and make the thingy make the connection. SO rather than submit this one to washing machine heaven in peace, we are now putting the cast iron (usually used as a door stopper) on the corner. We'll see how long this lasts. So if you come to visit and need to wash, be sure and put the cast iron on the corner.

Still walking!!!

Still walking. The challenging part starts now! One week left until I report back at work ( sounds like the Army, wonder what would happen if I went AWOL????). This week I will try to get in the habit of getting up a little earlier and walking. Unfortunately I usually come home after walking and fall asleep.......not sure why though....I walked this afternoon since I didn't yesterday or this morning.

VBS was awesome. The girls had a great time. The girls spent last night with Nana Karen Thompson. She and Mitch think they are grandparents to the girls and have them over every so often to go to the movies and just hang out. Works for me! It was nice to get a little down time from them.....especially JoGail! She has been dressing 'puppy' up in her baby doll's clothes. It's weird to see Puppy dressed after 8 years of him ( JG says it's a 'she' now) naked! Grace completed the performance camp last Thursday. She did so well. She was the only going into 6th grade to complete the camp. She's going to miss it. She's already asking for a weight bench for the garage. I think I told some of you that I caught her carrying, yes carrying, around a hairbrush the other day........yikes.......what is middle school already doing to my daughter????

We are headed to Grapevine for the Great Wolf Lodge Experience tomorrow. Coy got a great deal, so here we go. I'm afraid there's going to be too much to do! Check it out at We'll be back sometime Wednesday. I think Missy and her family are headed there later this summer. I'll let you know how it goes!

We are still getting okra, squash, cantaloupe, and watermelon from our little bitty garden. The watermelon (I think it was number 8 or 9) we cut open this afternoon was probably the BEST watermelon I have ever had. New family rule around here: EVERYBODY at the house (and I mean everybody) has to eat at least 2 slices of cantaloupe a day! (and the slices are HUGE!)And there's still flowers on the cantaloupe vine! I've cooked squash as many ways as I have found. I like the casserole, JG likes it fried, Coy likes it boiled down with onions and garlic, and Grace doesn't like it-- period.

No I haven't completed my to do list for this summer. I haven't seen Leigh Ann yet--I'm getting desperate for that to happen--haven't sorted through the girls recipe collections--haven't sorted through all my emails from last year (they are in folders, though)--haven't cleaned off the desktop (zillions of icons on there), definitely did not figure out photoshop.............maybe by Christmas, if I am lucky! :)

We did take the annual family photo for the football program. As soon as Coy sends it to me I will post it!!!

WAHOO! Spell check only caught three errors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

We're back

We're back from Ragley. We had a good trip. Got to see everyone and visit. The girls has a blast swinging and playing outside until dark or the mosquito's came out! I walked 3 18 minute miles while I was there on Friday. Still haven;t lost weight but I haven't been eating well lately, either.

Met TAC and Joey Friday night. The took us out to eat at a Japanese Hibachi Steakhouse. It was fun and good. It's an experience the girls will always remember. Surprisingly Grace liked the sushi and JoGail didn't. I think we all liked the miso soup. JoGail is still talking about the flaming tower of onion.MawMaw cooked JoGail some 'straight' bacon. JoGail liked it when she uses her bacon press. She says mine is all squiggly.

My walking group is meeting after the walk on Tuesday. I think I am going to take marinated cheese and Gina's spinach and cheese dip. Those are both low carb. I am still hoping to get the recipes from every9one sorted and in page proctectors this week......we'll see. I think I have 2 more weeks before I go back....ack!!!where did the time go? VBS is this week at night. It's also the last week of performance camp. She told me the other day that she is having a hard time sleeping past 6 o'clock these days. Another wonderful side effect! Coy is thinking about videoing the running of the 40 40's this Thursday and putting it in the school's website. ( under the kdog section) I've made a movie from some pictures I took last week of Grace. I will try to attach it. They 're just pictures. I didn't do much to them. You can see my shadows in some of them. I am trying to get a book to help my (hopefully) figure out photoshop. That program is so hard for me to understand!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Performance Camp 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pictures of JG and Zoie and big daddy squash

The squash we picked was over 15 inches long!

Big problem

We think someone or something is stealing our cantaloupes! I mean the one that was supposed to be ready today was the size of a basketball and it is GONE...GONE....GONE....NOT GOOD.....I'm contemplating going out and counting them and marking them with a sharpie.

Made a good leftoer supper. Had some leftover spaghetti sauce. Cooked a box of penne pasta. Mixed rthe leftover spaghetti sauce with a bad of sald shrimp. Mixed together with the pasta. The girls ate almost all of it. Coy's at board meeting tonight.

Zoie is spending the ngiht with JoGail.I know, what am I thinking? But she feels like she always gets left out of Grace and her friends, so. Actually I don't mind at all. She is well behaved and fun. I think they are outside right now puching each other in the wagon. One sits and steers while the other pushes. You don't get better than that in the summer!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

oops I forgot

After dotting my casserole with butter bake at 350 20-30 mins.

Grace has hurt her foot (on the trampoline) We are hoping she just jammed it but aren't sure if she broke her foot or not.

Went shopping in Hillsboro for school clothes yesterday. It was wonderful! Nobody was there! Unfortuantely there weren't as many shops as there used to be but there were enough for us. JG has grown so much I don't think she can wear anything from last spring. Grace got 2 pair of cargo shorts-exactly what she wanted. They look good on her.

Coy's going to mow today. The girls and i are heading to the Tallant reunion.

More details later.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Squash recipes

I made two different squash casserole recipes for supper. They were both good-just polar opposites.

Coy's (For those who love stuffing)

3 c uncooked, wshed and sliced squash
1 pkg stove top stuffing
1 cream celelery soup

Layer in casseroles dish: squash, stuffing, squash , stuffing and top with soup. Bake at 350 til bubbly.

Laurie's (Cheesy and rich tasting)

3 c washed, sliced, and cooked down squash drained
1/4 c sour cream
1/2 c cheese
1 betean egg yolk
bread crumbs
dots of butter

In a small pan heat until cheese starts to melt:
sour cream

Once cheese starts to melt add egg. Mix with squash and put in casserole dish. Top with bread crumbs and dot with butter.

Grace ran 30 40's this morning! I was so proud of her. She's done so well and only misse done day of workouts. I'm still walking 3-4 miles a day. And no, I have not lost a single, I repeat SINGLE pound. Very frustrating. We are meeting in the morning at 6:30 to walk in the cool since the kids don't have to be there at 8 for workouts. Then we are heading to Hillsboro to try and do some clothes shopping for school. Then the girls and I might try to get to the Tallent reunion on Saturday.

Miss Carol gave JG a huge tomato. Then JG and I talked about how we would slice it for supper. Well, I fell asleep this afternoon and she ate it like an apple, leaving the core, for a snack. So much for the tomato for supper! Ours in the garden are still green. We're getting about a cantaloupe every other day at this point. The watermelon we picked was not yet ripe. So we;ll wait a while before we pick another one. We're up to almost twenty still out there.

A shout out to my older brother who turns 39 tomorrow! Happy Birthday!!!!!!Can't believe you're getting THAT old......means I am not far behind!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The garden when we returned

Watermelon we picked. the first one.
I spy three watermelons growing.
I spy four cantaloupe.
Watermelon count-15

Cantaloupe count-20

And we only had three plants of each come up!

We're home

We had a great vacation. We had taken Grace to Corpus before but this was JG's first trip. Of course she loved it all. JoGailisms from the trip include Corpus Christy, fish jelly (jelly fish), and frog tree (tree frog). We spent one whole day at the beach and then it rained the next, so we went to the Aquarium and USS Lexington. Grace thoroughly enjoyed the Lexington. JG and I got tired of the stairs. haha By the way for those keeping up I walked over 4 miles at the beach -even took my pedometer.

After we boarded the plane the pilot announced there were storms in San Antonio so we had to get there via Abilene. Took forever. JG giggles at takeoff and landing. Had everyone for three rows in front of us laughing too. She colored the flight attendants some picture so they gave her a box of cards. So she and I played go fish several times. Grace was playing guitar hero on her Nintendo.

Finally landed at the most disorganized airport in Texas. Coy found us and was glad to see us. Then we headed south. Of course our late plane arrival made us late, but we got there. And then had to find somewhere to eat. We ate at Longhorn Steakhouse. Coy said that was the best steak he had had in while.

Thursday we went to the beach(national Seashore). It was nice and peaceful. Not very many people. Stayed all day. There was a little grocery store there so we didn't have to pick up lunch stuff and tote it everywhere. It was very relaxing. I walked and read. That night we ate at Longhorn Steak and Ale. It was even more awesome than the night before! And Grace tried something new each night! I was so proud of her. Then more swimming at the pool after a trip to Barnes and Nobles.

Then it rained almost all day Friday. We voted to go to the TX State Aquarium and USS Lexington. Lots of walking that day. Grace learned so much, especially at the Lexington. She was just soaking up everything Coy was teaching her. More swimming after eating at Souper Salad--it was soo good. It had been a long time since we had eaten there. They had awesome baked sweet potatoes. More swimming at the pool.

Saturday we ventured home via Houston. More go fish in the truck and playing the I spy ABC game. We finally got home around 5:30 and we glad to be home. It's nice to go but even better to come home.

Coy had an awesome time at the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education ) confrence in San Antonio. He learned alot but he really enjoyed being around the teachers he took and getting to know them better. He thrives on that. HE just had a wonderful time. He played with a voice recognition program this afternoon. He believes in that so much.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Shucking Corn!

Grace, Lindsey and JoGail are shown shucking corn. Lindsey just happened to be over when we picked this. They were singing songs and having a good ole time. We almost have a cantaloupe ready and we're hoping it will be ready before Wednesday. I counted six watermelons growing tonight. The corn took a beating from the storms we had last night. I think we might get one or two more pickings from it, though.
I can't believe that I will get up and go walk tomorrow morning at 7, but I guess I will.

Gotta love that walking group.....

THEY just called and we are walking at 7 am this week instead of 8........they're killing me!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fresh from the garden-Sunday night

We had our garden supper this evening. Made a salad from the lettuce, radishes, tomatoes. Fried the squash and okra. Sweet corn was awesome-didn't even need butter!!!! For dessert we tried a recipe JoGail found-oranges napoleon. It was GOOD! Here's the recipe.

1 can mandarin oranges-drained
whipped cream in a can
wonton wrappers
a little sugar

Spray cookie sheet with pam. Place wonton wrappers all over the cookie sheet. Spray wonton wrappers with pam and sprinkle with sugar. Bake in 400 degree oven for 5-6 minutes or until brown. On plate, put a wonton wrapper. Put cream on top and put a spoonful of oranges on top. VERY low fat and plenty sweet. OK for carb watchers.

Played yahtze with Grace this afternoon. Don't think JG us quite ready for that one-she had to rest because she was too tired to play without whining. Right now Grace and JG are trying to play checkers under Coy's supervision. (poor JG). She just doesn't really think strategically yet. grace does and will beat you in a heartbeat. Ultimately he wants to teach them to play 42.

Found Binkiy's butterfly under a bookshelf this afternoon. He'll be ready to play fetch about 9:30 this evening.

Let's see Grace 2 and JG 0 in checkers so far. Will try to get pictures done this evening or tomorrow. I haven't forgotten.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Oh dear......2nd post tonight

JoGail decided to clean out her toybox-RIGHT NOW. What a mess! Doesn't seem fait that people who only have boys don't have pollu pocket everything in THEIR toyboxes! She thinks she has 'outgrown' many of her toys.......She has way too many 'art supplies'. Needs Aunt Missy to com e organize them for her!!!!!!! Trying to watch the olympic gymnastic trials. She said that Haley could do everything those girls were doing!

First mini vacation

Well, we had a mini vacation this weekend. We went to Plano, ate at Pappadeeaux's and then went to a hotel where the girls swam forever. This morning we got up had breakfast and then his Collin Creek Mall. I guess this is what vacations are like with two growing girls. I think everyone had a good time. (Cost dad some money at the mall, though!)

Let's see. Grace ran her 20 40 yard dashed Thursday evening. She did great. She has LONG legs when she runs. She's halfway to the goal of 40 40 yard dashes. She is getting so much stronger from lifting the weights and much more flexible from those exercises. We have to remind ourselves that she is still a little girl--only 11! She tried the mixed, grilled seafood at Pappadeaux's and discovered that she loves scallops in addition to the grilled salmon. She's learning to cook. She helped make chicken pot pie for Father's Day. She's already thinking about gift cards from American Eagle, Aeropostale and such for Christmas maybe).

JoGail had the fried shrimp and french fries. She had a hard time peeling the boiled shrimp (appetizer) and managed to get the seasoning all over her. She helped me make hot dogs tonight. She likes the George foreman (thanks, MawMaw). She has discovered kid's cookbooks and wants one whenever we go to a bookstore. My only problem with that is that they usually have the same things, just slightly different.) But hey, she's reading! We are trying to learn our multiplication facts this summer but aren't making much headway. Guess I will have to try another method! I wish I had a Cd for her to listen to. She seems to learn from listening more than seeing. She got s necklace from Claire's this morning and that just made her day. She loves that store.

Coy got a new bb/pellet gun from Academy on the trip. We have had a skunk in the back yard and no way to scare him off. We think he's rabid since we only see/smell him around noon or in the hot afternoon. Coy think she is eating the field mice (yeah!). His old gun was rusted and didn't work anymore. I think he had fun setting the scope and all that this afternoon. Previously our method of scaring the skunk away was to get in the truck and drive around honking the horn....see there is a little of my daddy in Coy after all.

Cantaloupes are growing! Still no baby watermelons though. Got a little beans and okra the other day. One squash was over a foot long. I think I can fry that for one meal. Coy's also still getting radishes and lettuce for his salads. Waiting on the corn also. The girls want to plant pumpkins, so we are thinking of trying that. We have to figure when to plant them though.

I officially finished work this pas t Tuesday at 4!WAHOO! Another year down. Have some bones to pick about the calendar, though. With school starting late which means I work later we missed picking blueberries this year. I may drive out there this week, but I think I have totally missed the season. We have plenty in the freezer but I don't want this to become a habit!!!!!!I'm thinking about talking Coy into planting some of our own bushes.......JoGail loves those things in a smoothie (from her Strawberry Shortcake Cookbook). One cookbook had a bunny shape from pancakes, so I guess we will be trying that also.Back to me, i have been walking with some teachers from Eustace while Grace works out. Now, last year we walked about 30 mins a day and called it wonderful. So that was what I was expecting. WRONG! They decided to entire the 5K walk race here in Eustace for Pioneer Days. (This morning) I missed the race because we had already made plans, but folks, these ladies are walking 3 and 4 miles. I am in the slow group, but we do get it done. I am sore as all get out but truly enjoy it. I am getting to catch up with old friends and getting a work out in, too. I am already wondering how in the world I can keep it up when school starts back. Any ideas.......remember I DO NOT get out of the bed easily in the mornings.....

For get to you that we went to see Get Smart last Friday before heading to Plano. Grace thought it was absolutely hilarious. Let's say JG didn't get all the humor. She just liked the cool stuff and eating the popcorn. They finished soccer and basketball camp last week. I think they had a good time at both. This Friday I am taking them to Splash Kingdom (Christian waterpark in Canton). Coy leaves next Thursday for his big international teachers/technology workshop in San Antonio. I am working on my list of to dos while he is gone and I have trouble sleeping.

Got a new macaroni and cheese recipe from Missy that I am going to try. Cooks in the crock pot. She says it is wonderful.

Got get things together for church tomorrow. We'll never make it if I don't start now!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Garden and Such

The garden is doing well. I think we counted around 12 cantaloupes so far. Watermelon vines have about an 8 foot radius. Squash and okra is starting to make. Corn is growing. Plan to pick a few beans tomorrow afternoon. Coy and I have made a 'track' around the mowed yard. We measured it and it's about 1/4 mile around. It's good to be able to walk without going anywhere.
We all went to Chile's for supper tonight. It was good. Been a while since we all went out to eat together. Made a tater tot casserole for lunch that was awesome. It had been a while since I made one of those, too. JG and I made Coy a double layer devil's food cake for Father's Day.

We did the Friday movie thing again. I'm not a movie person but everyone else it, so I try REALLY REALLY hard. We saw The Incredible Hulk this week. It wasn't bad. I'm not allowed to sit by Coy and Grace (so I can't ask questions). Me and JG are on our own for that!

Monday and Tuesday I have comp days then I am truly finished with work for awhile! (I think Aug 1). Gotta go help Grace sort socks.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer is here.

Finally finally finished work. Of course I go back next week to complete my two comp days for next year. At least we do those in house. (I don't have to travel to Dallas for it) Plus after a couple of days off it's good to see everyone one more short time. I think we are going to 'refine our forms'.

Today was my first free day. Yesterday was an ordeal. JoGail had a tooth that was basically dying from the inside out. So it had to be extracted. (fancy word for pulled) So we went to our regular dentist at 8. By 8:30 they came and got me because she refused to let the dentist in her mouth. Now it wasn't her regular dentist, it was his partner. And I think that had alot to do with it. Anyway, we spent the day in Tyler waiting to go to a pediatric dentist. Most of the day was spent trying to get her to forget about what was going to happen that afternoon. It went well after she took the Valium, yes Valium. I put Valium in my 8 year old to get her to relax enough at the dentist. Needless to say we were both exhausted when we got home. Grace spent the night at Lindsey's so thankfully I didn't have to worry

about her. And it was our 14th anniversary.

Coy and I are thinking about trying to get away, just him and I, for a night or if there are any volunteers to watch the girls let us know! Normally we get a week or so to ourselves when they go to mom and dad's . But with school getting out late this year it didn't work out.

Grace finished volleyball camp this morning. She didn't feel good this afternoon and slept most of the afternoon. So she opted to use her one 'free passes' from Coy to miss her performance camp.
Next week she has a combination of soccer and basketball camp plus her performance camp.

JoGail has picked several cherry tomatoes from the garden. The watermelon vines are everywhere and the cantaloupe ones aren't far behind. One squash has gotten brought into the house but I haven't cooked it yet. Maybe tomorrow.

I'm trying to find all my soccer pictures so I can make a movie maker movie for the team. May take me a while to find all my pics. From some from third grade and fifth grade. Missing the fourth grade ones.

I'll find them. They are here SOMEWHERE!!!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Blueberry thing

The blueberry thing was practically GONE by 11:30. It was good. I stopped and got butter (the liquid kind, Toot) thinking it would be a like a coffee cake, but it wasn't like that at all. It was really good. I think it's a weight watcher's recipe but don't know for sure. It is fat free. I m going to make it next week for Coy to take to work.

Grace said vball camp wasn't too bad. She's at her performance camp workout right now. This is the first time for her to do it at night. Actually it's not night, more like late afternoon.

Made a new recipe for supper. I've been on a kick this weekend-rereading all my cookbooks. Anyway it was like stromboli sort of. You take a package of the Pillsbury crusty French dough loaf and unroll it. Put mustard (or whatever) then load it up with lunch meet. I did ham, turkey and roast beef. Roll it up and cook for 25 mins at 250. The recipe called for sheese all in it, but I didn't do that for Coy. It was still pretty good. JoGail likes it. Coy likes it too.

Later, laurie

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Toot and Rebecca-there's a recipe hidden in here for you!

We had a good weekend. We let Grace pick what we did Sat . We went and saw Kung Fu Panda and then went to Tyler to Barnes and Noble and out to eat. The rule was we had to eat somewhere we hadn't before. Coy chose someplace like Hilltop BBQ (near the bowling alley). Neither of us can remember the right name. But it was good. We were glad we went.

Then this afternoon JoGail chose swimming. We invited Haley to go with us. Grace had the option of choosing someone to go but declined. I couldn't figure it out until I got to watching her and she had more fun aggravating Haley then anything.......that's why she declined. JoGail and Haley swam the length of the pool twice and both tackled jumping off the diving board. JoGail discovered it wasn't as bad as she thought. Then I took them to Braum's for ice cream. Grace ALMOST took a risk. She ALMOST ordered the fudge brownie sundae but chickened out at the last minute and ordered her usual- two scoops of vanilla. I guess some things will never change.

I made a new recipe to take to work tomorrow. It's called blueberry squares. It's just an angel food cake mix and a can of blueberry pie filling. Bake at 350 for 25-30 mins. I'll try it tomorrow and let you know if it's good or not.

Mom and Dad are volunteering at Glorieta NM again. They seem to enjoy volunteering there. Dad helps outside 9gets to play with someone's tractors, etc) and mom helps in the office. Keeps them busy.

Grace has volleyball camp which starts tomorrow in the morning and then has performance camp in the evening. She isn't excited about volleyball-but I think that's mainly because she doesn't know that much about it. She's loving performance camp. She said she loves lifting the weights.

I finish work Tuesday. Then JoGail has the dentist on Wed and then Thursday she and I are going to toys R Us. She has a gift card to use. She's held onto it for a while (since Jan).

Blueberry thing smells good!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


what Jo Gail looked like when I came home this afternoon....

Note the blue eye shadow!

End is in sight!

The end of work is almost in sight.......I finish next Tuesday afternoon.....Sorry about the typos in the last blog.....didn't spell check...JG wants to be a storm chaser in a blue suburban.....I'm uploading picts of their awards ceremonies last week. The girl with JG is Haley. Grace is shown with Rosie.

JG has had teeth problems this week and we go back next week to take care of it. Other than that she's just driving us crazy......she goes to work with Coy while Grace is at performance camp. I think she's been lots of help there.

Grace has started the performance camp at school and is loving it! She has volleyball camp next week. She isn't excited about vball camp, but when your dad is supt you TRY everything!She has discovered that she loves lifting weights.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

JoGailism for today

We went to Mesquie today o get some things. On he way Grace was taqlking abou what kind of car she would "love'' to have when she can drive. She wants a silve and black mustang. (Although she claims she has never driven in one uuhhmmmm Brance....)JoGail informaed us hat she knew what kind of car she waned.........drum roll, please.......a blue suburban...........Then she old us she wanted to a bea sorn chaser when she grows up.....Were not sure where THAT came from either....but Coy said the suburban would come in handy for chasing he storms...

Friday, May 30, 2008

Miss Stacia's Squash

We went back to Evant last Sunday for tbe baccalaurate service for the group of kids I taught first grade to. (How they ever learned to read adn do math I'll never know). We had a good time. Stacia fixed supper and she made squash this way. We liked it so Itried it and it was good!

3 squash-washed and sliced
sliced onion (YES, I used this)
minced garlic (I added this)
Salt and pepper to taste

Put in skillet and cover til squash is tender.

Both of the girls love this, so I hope the squash in the garden makes!

We are busy busy. Grace has ben spending ime with friends before her performance camp starts. It's Mon-Thurs from 8-9:30 or so. She's both nervous and excited. JoGail got to spend a day with Jessica so she is really happy. JoGail will get to do basketball and soccer camp this year, so she is excited about that.

I am frantically trying to get my extra days finished at work. It seemed like everyone wanted something today. Maybe it will calm down tomorrow.

We had a family get together last weekend here at the house. I'll post pictures soon.

Coy graduates his seniors tomorrow morning. hard to believe but he will be graduating Greg Haynes next year!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Garland Tournament

The Lady Destroyers did great at the Genesis Tournament in Garland. The team they was the TOC champions and also won this tournament. I'm going to try and upload some pictures. Grace had a good weekend. She hurt her fingers pretty bad-just a BAD jam. She played tough.

Friday, May 02, 2008


Sunday, April 13, 2008


Apparently everyone as the school assumed it was a hockey game they were taking the kids was really an FC Dallas soccer game!!Grace was so excited (still) when she got in last night at midnight! COy said that if he has known it was soccer we would have gone with her! (I think she' s glad they made a mistake!) :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Family flowers

The first one is an antique yellow rose. Daddy mailed it to me from New Mexico. We planted it and it took off! He also mailed me irses and they are blooming, too.The second is of the azaleas blooming in front of th house. The fig tree is the most interesting. It is a shootoff of a tree from my grandmother's house in Lousiana. My brother got it and mailed it to Daddy. He grewit in a pot and then brought it to me. Coy says it is going in the ground tomorrow. We think it willhave figs this year. Lots of sunshine expected thsi week, so we are planning on planting the garden Wed afternoon.
We'll see. We also have a soccer game, intramural basketball, board meeting, soccer practice and a regional qualifier's track meet to work in.

More soccer pictures

JoGails team won 4-1 !! Wahoo!

Here's some pictures.....check out Grace's fingrenails.....glad I got apicture of that!

The last picture is one of what Coy does before EVERY GAME for about 5 mins--tying shoes!

Garlic chicken

I tried this new recipe for lunch today. Grace's friend Jordan was here and SHE EVEN LIKED IT!!!
(More blog below recipe)

Garlic Chicken

2 teaspoons crushed garlic
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup dry bread crumbs
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
Preheat oven to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C).
Warm the garlic and olive oil to blend the flavors. In a separate dish, combine the bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese. Dip the chicken breasts in the olive oil and garlic mixture, then into the bread crumb mixture. Place in a shallow baking dish.
Bake in the preheated oven for 30 to 35 minutes, until no longer pink and juices run clear.

JoGail has a game this afternoon. I will try to take picts and post again tonight or tomorrow.
We are working on her timeline and scince fair project.....yes I said science fair and JoGail in the same sentence.....we are going to see if black is really black--using markers of course!

Grace is going toher first hockey game tonight......should be interesting.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

pictures of my baby!!!With Puppy of course!

Here's two pictures I took of JoGail. It was fun! For those who may not know, JG has had puppy since she was about 2 days old. We don't wash him very much anyway.

First soccer pictures

Here's some pictures from the first soccer games of this season. Te top one is JoGail running under the parents hands after the game. The next one is Lindsey playing defense. The next one is Grace's defense. And the third one is Grace with her mouthpiece in.

Grace's team beat the Skyhawks 3-1.
JoGail plays twice Saturday and Grace plays once. We'll be busy as always!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Well, it sure is quiet around here. JoGail got invited to go camping with her friend's family-the Cook's. I bet that's a hoot! She was so excited. She'd never been camping before. They left yesterday morning (to go to Purtis Creek) and she should be hom esometime I sure is quiet around here.

Coy has tilled a space for the garden and is out trying to mow before the rains come. They say it will start raining this afternoon.

Grace is up--I think. She's almost a teenager and you can tell becuase she will sleep all day if we let her. I think the mower woke her up this morning.

I'm fixing to attempt to make Coy a layered chocolate cake. Layered cakes are difficult for me, but I will try. Then I have a dr appointment in Dallas (ENT) this afternoon.

We took Grace to Barnes and Noble yesterday afternoon--even without JG it still costs us almost $100!!!! I think she stayed up reading last night. We've gotta get to the library, though!

Friday, March 14, 2008

I think this is the hardest one

Hint: She created a toy by mattel and named the girl one after her daughter and the boy one after her son.

Wax Museum

OK, see if you can guess who these people are.......