Lauries Kitchen

Monday, March 17, 2008


Well, it sure is quiet around here. JoGail got invited to go camping with her friend's family-the Cook's. I bet that's a hoot! She was so excited. She'd never been camping before. They left yesterday morning (to go to Purtis Creek) and she should be hom esometime I sure is quiet around here.

Coy has tilled a space for the garden and is out trying to mow before the rains come. They say it will start raining this afternoon.

Grace is up--I think. She's almost a teenager and you can tell becuase she will sleep all day if we let her. I think the mower woke her up this morning.

I'm fixing to attempt to make Coy a layered chocolate cake. Layered cakes are difficult for me, but I will try. Then I have a dr appointment in Dallas (ENT) this afternoon.

We took Grace to Barnes and Noble yesterday afternoon--even without JG it still costs us almost $100!!!! I think she stayed up reading last night. We've gotta get to the library, though!