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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Well both girls had games yesterday. Grace won 6-0 and JoGail won, for those not keeping score since you don't do that in her division, 3-0. They are both having a good time. Grace played a really good team today and they won 4-1. SHe had a couple of really good stops. Next week Grace plays the Ambush-another Mabank team. They have to beat them to get the TOC bid. Then the next week they play the Skyhawks--that rival team from Mabank-- and they have to beat then too. I think Grammy and PawPaw are coming in for next week's games. Grace is acting like a normal pre-teen, so I get to pick her clothes out next week.....she's going to learn not to make mama mad.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Legal Update

Attended the legal update presented by Jim Walsh today. Learned some new information, reheard some old information. Had a fun time with all the gang from Mabank (seriously). It's a riot when we all get together. Missed our LSSP Sandra, though. She tends to give us reality checks pretty often. She's the matriarch of the gang, too. (Guess that's why she gives us reality checks) :)

Just had to threaten Grace with wearing her homecoming mum all day tomorrow. Got waht I wanted. Didn't think she wanted to weat that ALL day long tomorrow...Course I would never threaten JoGail with that.
Grace go ther glasses today and they look good....I tried up load again, but all I got was! IT used to work....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Things are going well. Finally got the ac in the van fixed-$800 gone....the compressor burned up. (Yes, Alex was right)

Iam feeling so much better. I can tell when the blood sugar dips down, but have more difficult time telling when it goes up.

Grace started intramural soccer this week. She finds out what team she is on next week. I doubt she and her regular teammates will beon the same team. They usually try to mix them up. Her daddy told her she can play any position BUT goalie. She sure loves her reading and science teachers.

JoGail is stil JoGail-my sunshine. Had a conference with her teacher this morning. Evidently she put lipstick on sometime between the car and the classroom. She swore to her teacher that her mom put it on.....yeah right

Bedtime-write more later

Saturday, September 22, 2007

GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!Make it three in a row!

Soccer, week 2

Well, we won again 5-1 and had something interesting tried on us. It was an offsides trap-like an extreme trap. The entire defense team never stepped over the midline. Therefore, whenever anyone on our team stepped across the line we were offsides....and it was theie ball at the midline. (At elast that was how it was explained to me, who was so confused.....they didn't start thisuntil they weer beind 3-0, but still....the only way to beat this is for whoever has the ball to driblle through everyone and NEVER pass the ball. A couple of our girls finally figured this out, but..............I would imagine we will go ove this at practice next week. It was wierd......for all you non soccer people, offsides usually menas that the ball was passed to a player deeper than the last opponent (excep the goalie). That conceept alone is hard for the kids to understand much less this new one...One of our coaches said it was a trap thing, so I'll try to update you as I learn more. Naturally due to the other team getting the ball at the midpoint so often, our defense got plenty of work at this game. The lone score happened because everyone just kind of crumbled.....Normally i would have been a sure stop-before it even got to Grace. Defense was wore out.....nobody went home wiht anybody else--they were too tired.
Next week they bothhave games at 10:30-so Coy will coach JG's team and I will go to Terrell for Grace's game.

Mom and Dad had the Nara Visa Cowboy Gathering this weekend. Haven't heard from them, so I guess that means they are having a good time. They put alot of time into planning the event and getting it ready every year.

I had a couple of good days this week as far as monitoring the blood sugar. i can sure tell the difference when I control it. A couple of times it has gone too low, so I have to watch that. Went out to eat for the first time today and that's the hardest part!

SPent most of Friday trying to figure out who can'/can't take TAKS M. What a mess. Takes too much brain ppower to try and figure TEA/USDOE out.

Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm ok

To start with, I am ok. Last Thursday they ran some routine bloodwork, since I was stillhaving trouble with the hives. Friday they called me because my blood sugar was over 400. They put me on meds then I went back in this afternoon to see if the meds or what could be causing it. And I walked away with a diagnosis of diabetes. Even on the glucophage for 3 days, my blood sugar was 271. (Normal is 80-130) I guess you could say we are still in shock. I'm going to have to read up on thi and figure it out. I know I need to eat more, on a more regular basis. But that is so hard for my mind to wrap around because if I'm not hungry I don't want to eat! However, i know that is key to long term treatment. My finger pads already hurt from testing so often. I'm kind of in a fog. Coy, as usual, has been great and has been reading up on it even more than I have. I'm going to have to find diabetic recipes....I don't think many o fmine are! !!!! HELP!

Grace starts intramural soccer next more thing to add to the crazy schedule! Jogail is still working on those math facts....some days are better than others!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Soccer, week one

Grace's team played their first game of this season yesterday and won 3-0. I think there was only one shot fired at her, so the defense did a great job. Her foot didn't bother her at all and it didn't bleed through. This was also her first game with her mouthpiece. She's definately having to get used to it. It was really hot.

JoGail's first game is in another two weeks. She has improved so much. She got to stay with Haley and watch ha;ey's brother's soccer game so she was excited. Coy, Grace and I decided that was the quietest ride home we have had in a while.

Coy's happy since the Packers are winning. Sure makes it easier on us when they win.

I have been resting this weekend. Someday I will have to catch up on housework and laundry, but I need the rest right now.

Gotta go run Grace to a classmate's back to school party.....

Thursday, September 13, 2007

new good recipe

Tried this recipe tonight and it was awesome!The girls liked it and it was quick and easy. (Toot you could do this one.)

Easy chicken

1 package chicken tenders
1 package dried Italian dressing (I think ranch would also work)
3/4 c bread crumbs
1/3 cup melted butter

Mix dressing and bread crumbs
Coat chicken
Line in 13/9/2 pan
Drizzle butter over
Bake at 350 for 45 mins or until juices run clear

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

types of baths Laurie has had recently....

corn starch
baking soda
corn meal

none stopped the itching!


Here's an update....

Little brother Mike (OK, he's like 26 or something actually) made it safe to Scotland to study there. That's sort of relief...At least I know he's landed somewhere.

Grace's foot is sooo much better. She is at her first soccer practice tonight, so we'll see how that goes. She's also sporting a new mouthpiece to protect that beautiful face...Her team plays BIG girls now and we'll be travelling most of the season. This is a TOC (Tournament of Champions) season, so there's league games and non league games. To get a bid to TOC they have to be the league champion. It'll be tough, but I think they can do it. They are in the 12 and under division. She's hitting the books and discovering there's not quite as much free time to read in 5th grade. She loves going to different teachers. She swears they (principals) busted up her class from last year and spread them to the four winds. She taught me about the 'land bridge' I thought she was making it up until Grammy confirmed what she was talking about.

JoGail needs prayer. She's having a difficult time learning those math facts. And she can't play soccer if we don't get better. She's going to have to make her mind up to learn them. She absolutely loves her teacher and would go to the moon for her.
Coy is coaching her soccer team and all the players go to school in Eustace and most are teacher's kids. She had Grandbuddie's day Monday at school. She invited the ladies in Coy's office that she hangs out with after school when he's busy. She interviewed them and I believe they made some sort of quilt square.

Coy's glasses are working great. He's getting used to them. They help him alot of football games, he's noticed. Eustace has gotten off to a great start for football this year.

I am on day 12 of the hives. I woke up this morning and had new breakthroughs, so the allergist in Tyler put me on prednisone. It seems to have helped. The itching hasn't been too bad today. I have had them everywhere on my body, from head to foot.The ones on the bottom of my feet hurt the worst. I literally do not remember Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday and Monday. He drew blood today to check for thyroid (I think) and for a hidden infection. All I can say is it's been miserable! Coy's done great with the girls and helping with the house. You know when we married, I kind of thought that since he was 10 year solder than me that I would be taking care of him in his sickness, not the other way around. He's done well.
I'm proud of him. I will try to do a better job of posting.