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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Update

Let's see...
Coy's salad (Of which I like NO ingredients-except the 2 TBS sugar) is made and in the fridge. The pie is made and in the other fridge. Turkey is thawed and awaiting 7 am in the morning. Dressing is in the fridge. Cranberry sauce is in the fridge. Finally broke down and went to Block buster for the girls to get movies-so JG would leave me alone!!!I love her but whew!!!!She got Barbie movies. Grace got Spaceballs...remember that??? and Mr. Magoo..pretty good choices for a twelve year old! Of course the 1 movie I actually wanted to see was all checked out--A Christmas Story. Several people have recommended ti to me for the girls. I have only had to tell JoGail to get away from the china dishes twice so far.......twice........She took the pumpkin crunch over to the neighbors this afternoon and I think she talked their ears off. She was gone about 20 minutes. A funny thing about it is that his first name is also Coy. How weird is that? I remember taking stuff to Mrs. Nelson's across the street when I was young. She made the best lemon meringue pie. Speaking of pies, Coy got a chocolate pie from Mrs. Frazier for his birthday. It was the first time I had ever tasted it.....IT WAS WONDERFUL. She told me she would teach me how to make one...maybe she can teach me before mom and dad visit next.
Speaking of which, for those who know, he has started his brittle making!!!!!He said he's making adjustments fro an electric stove, so we'll see if it measures up to the previous years....I'll bet it's even better.

I've been stumbling on the computer this evening and have found some new recipes to try!!!!!I think I'm going to try the chocolate pecan cheesecake bars to take to work next week. I stillhave to make Coy a chocolate layered cake sometime between now and Christmas. I promised him one for his birthday. But since there was so much going on for Grace we agreed to wait.


TOC First weekend of December --Cedar Hill
Eustace Christmas on the Square-Grace is on a float-Dec 13 (I think)
Board Meeting December 18
AWANAS-JoGail on Wed nights
First Band Concert-December 11
Grace's Christmas Get Together at the house-movies-December 19???
New Year's Eve Bonfire in Ragley, LA
Basketball First Game the first weekend of Jan (2nd)????

And of course all the activities at the Middle school and high school.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Soccer pictures

I finally had beautiful weather to take some picts of the girls in their soccer uniforms. I think they turned out great. Can't wait to see what Missy scraps with these! We are spending a quiet Thanksgiving here at the house. We are so thankful to be together and to be home. We enjoy traveling, but we have had so much going on that it is nice to just put our feet up on the coffee table. I boiled the sweet potatoes tonight and made a pot of vegetable soup. Then I made some pumpkin crunch. I put it into two pans so we can give one to the neighbor. I splurged and put a stick of butter on EACH pan...........thank you Paula Deen! Grace went grocery shopping with me this afternoon. It was nice being able to send someone to go get something and have them actually return with it. Jogail is wathcing the Snoopy Thanksgiving. It's hard to beat Snoopy at the holidays! Even Grace is sneak peeking at it. As you can probably tell, I am feeling well. I had alot of blood work done this past week. He said my blood sugars are awesome, and the my low and good cholestreol was great but that my triglycerides were through the roof. You know I thought that once I walked and lost some weight he would take off a medicine, not add one!!!!! Grace's team plays in Cedar Hill the first Sat in December and then Frisco the next day, so if you are close, give us shout and come see her play. They played so well and so tough last weekend. She got cleated pretty good in her left leg. It looks horrible. She has a deep bruise about the size of a softball and a knot in the center of it. You can acutally see the cleat marks. We've had her soaking in epsom salts the past two nights and she said that helps. I think it's the worst bruise I have ever seen. Coy is anxious to start basketball season with Grace's team. The core tema is stilltogether and we picked up a few more from the soccer team. It's always exciting watching them play! Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

I have been reprimanded for not posting lately, but seriously.........we are busy and when we are home, I am tired. As in pooped, as in exhausted. Eustace has made the playoffs in volleyball, football and cross country, so we are still on the go. Grace's team has one more tournament before TOC in December. It's soccer, soccer, and more soccer at night. We all get home around 5:30 and go from there. JoGail has two more Sat soccer games then she is done. Here's a picture of the girls trick or treating.....Grace went to 'protect' JoGail.....not sure what she dressed up as, though! JoGail was a little tiger. Grace gave her first Student Council speech today. She said she was nervous, and that it lasted about 10 seconds!! The class votes Friday on who they want for a rep. Kudos to Aunt Missy and Uncle Alex for sending some balloons and flowers to give her some extra confidence! JoGail announced tonight that she was chosen as a Reeve Rascal. That's a program her principal does to reward those students who have worked hard and given it their all.She gets to go eat pizza with him this Friday. She is so excited about that. Work is keeping me busy! I have fewer than normal kids on my caseload, but I stay busy! This has been my most unique year as a diag yet! Coy is busy all the time. He has a blog on the school's on the left side bar and click superintendent's blog. Need to head onto bed...tomorrow's another long day!