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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

I have been reprimanded for not posting lately, but seriously.........we are busy and when we are home, I am tired. As in pooped, as in exhausted. Eustace has made the playoffs in volleyball, football and cross country, so we are still on the go. Grace's team has one more tournament before TOC in December. It's soccer, soccer, and more soccer at night. We all get home around 5:30 and go from there. JoGail has two more Sat soccer games then she is done. Here's a picture of the girls trick or treating.....Grace went to 'protect' JoGail.....not sure what she dressed up as, though! JoGail was a little tiger. Grace gave her first Student Council speech today. She said she was nervous, and that it lasted about 10 seconds!! The class votes Friday on who they want for a rep. Kudos to Aunt Missy and Uncle Alex for sending some balloons and flowers to give her some extra confidence! JoGail announced tonight that she was chosen as a Reeve Rascal. That's a program her principal does to reward those students who have worked hard and given it their all.She gets to go eat pizza with him this Friday. She is so excited about that. Work is keeping me busy! I have fewer than normal kids on my caseload, but I stay busy! This has been my most unique year as a diag yet! Coy is busy all the time. He has a blog on the school's on the left side bar and click superintendent's blog. Need to head onto bed...tomorrow's another long day!