Lauries Kitchen

Monday, March 17, 2008


Well, it sure is quiet around here. JoGail got invited to go camping with her friend's family-the Cook's. I bet that's a hoot! She was so excited. She'd never been camping before. They left yesterday morning (to go to Purtis Creek) and she should be hom esometime I sure is quiet around here.

Coy has tilled a space for the garden and is out trying to mow before the rains come. They say it will start raining this afternoon.

Grace is up--I think. She's almost a teenager and you can tell becuase she will sleep all day if we let her. I think the mower woke her up this morning.

I'm fixing to attempt to make Coy a layered chocolate cake. Layered cakes are difficult for me, but I will try. Then I have a dr appointment in Dallas (ENT) this afternoon.

We took Grace to Barnes and Noble yesterday afternoon--even without JG it still costs us almost $100!!!! I think she stayed up reading last night. We've gotta get to the library, though!

Friday, March 14, 2008

I think this is the hardest one

Hint: She created a toy by mattel and named the girl one after her daughter and the boy one after her son.

Wax Museum

OK, see if you can guess who these people are.......

Wax Museum pictures

Here's picts of the fifth grade was museum. Grace was Edith Houghton and she did a great job! Coy is shown with Dane McAFee who 'studied' and presented him. Coy was really surprised and felt so honored. Dand did an outstanding job and even had a bottle of diet coke and box of pop tarts at his presentation!
The bottom picture is Coy trying to get Grace to crack a smile while she was on 'display.' I am planning on updating with some pictures of some others, so check back and see if you can guess who they represented!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

My babies are growing up!

My babies are growing up! Grace is on her first overnight trip with the school. They should be visiting the sharks! Being Grace, I seriously doubt she will call to check in tonight!

JoGail is learning to write cursive! This was her first time that I have seen. Of course it's beautiful! Getting Grace to write in cursive was like pulling teeth!

This weekend is the basketball tournament. Mom and dad are coming down. They made it to Brownwood tonight (Kind of out of the way, but less snow and ice) I was able to take the team pictures and order everyone a photo mate. I think they turned out pretty good for an amateur!

I had fun doing them!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Catching up

Sorry its' taken so long for me to get caught up here at the blog. We've been going and going. Basketball is almost over and soccer has already started.

JG came home from school Thursday and announced that she was taking her BS test at school. After she described it to us we realized that she meant ITBS. It's always something with her.She is excited about soccer finally getting here again. She wanted to sign up to play that would be a hoot......she would never remeber where to go or what to do.

Grace is excited about her GT field trip coming up. Thursday she leaves for San Antonio for the trip to SeaWorld for the over night stay. She predicts that the best thing will be the trip down there and back in the school SUV. It's so hard for me to realize how fast she is growing up. She actually wanted to go clothes shopping this weekend. It went something like this.....we wouls walk in the store. She would go to her stuff, I would mingle. When she found something she would come find me. She actually picked out some nice tops. Now, we'll see if she actually WEARS them.

Both girls want to go to Ragley for a little whle on spring break. I think we'll wait and see how MawMaw is feeling first. They want to see TAC and Joey too, so let me know if you guys will be around.