Lauries Kitchen

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Cheesy chicken spaghetti-oven or crock pot method

3 pounds chicken, seasoned, cooked, and shredded
1 package thin spaghetti,cooked
1 pound velveeta, melted
2 can drains rotel
1 large can cream chicken soup
Salt and pepper

In a large bowl (the biggest one you have, combine all ingredients and season to taste. Place mixture in either large baking pan or crock pot and heat. If using a crock pot, use a liner and keep it as low temp as you can or it will get a little crusty on the sides.
Homemade Guacomole

I got the basis for this recipe from Donna Markward at our church. Both Coy and JoGail love this. It's super easy!

1 avocado
picante sauce
lime juice (just a tad)

Remove the pit from the avocado. Mash in a bowl. Add a little picante sauce to taste. Mix in a little juice. Season with salt and pepper.

I made stew today-one that had great beef flavor and wouldn't feed an army! I woke up early, went to wal-mart to get walking and grocery shopping in and a lady on the baking row somehow told me how she made stew, so I tried it!Best stew ever! 

1 pack brown grave mix-make with 2 cups beef broth.
3 white potatoes-quartered
1 cup diced carrots
1 package stew mix (I used McCormick)
2 cups (about beef broth)
1.5 pounds thin beef, cut into chunks
dash oil
dash flour-enough to coat beef chunks

Put a large pot of water on the stove to boil. I add a dash of oil to keep it from boiling over. Once it is boiling, put in potatoes and carrots. Boil for 10 minutes, Drain and set aside. Put a little oil (I used EVOO) in a skillet and heat. Add flour coated beef chunks. Cook til no longer pink (won't take long).  In a dutch oven, add brown gravy. Whisk in stew mix. and add some broth. Add beef, potatoes and carrots. Add beef broth to desired thickness. Let simmer. (You can also add some Worcestershire sauce in, too.)