Lauries Kitchen

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Soccer, week one

Grace's team played their first game of this season yesterday and won 3-0. I think there was only one shot fired at her, so the defense did a great job. Her foot didn't bother her at all and it didn't bleed through. This was also her first game with her mouthpiece. She's definately having to get used to it. It was really hot.

JoGail's first game is in another two weeks. She has improved so much. She got to stay with Haley and watch ha;ey's brother's soccer game so she was excited. Coy, Grace and I decided that was the quietest ride home we have had in a while.

Coy's happy since the Packers are winning. Sure makes it easier on us when they win.

I have been resting this weekend. Someday I will have to catch up on housework and laundry, but I need the rest right now.

Gotta go run Grace to a classmate's back to school party.....