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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Here's an update....

Little brother Mike (OK, he's like 26 or something actually) made it safe to Scotland to study there. That's sort of relief...At least I know he's landed somewhere.

Grace's foot is sooo much better. She is at her first soccer practice tonight, so we'll see how that goes. She's also sporting a new mouthpiece to protect that beautiful face...Her team plays BIG girls now and we'll be travelling most of the season. This is a TOC (Tournament of Champions) season, so there's league games and non league games. To get a bid to TOC they have to be the league champion. It'll be tough, but I think they can do it. They are in the 12 and under division. She's hitting the books and discovering there's not quite as much free time to read in 5th grade. She loves going to different teachers. She swears they (principals) busted up her class from last year and spread them to the four winds. She taught me about the 'land bridge' I thought she was making it up until Grammy confirmed what she was talking about.

JoGail needs prayer. She's having a difficult time learning those math facts. And she can't play soccer if we don't get better. She's going to have to make her mind up to learn them. She absolutely loves her teacher and would go to the moon for her.
Coy is coaching her soccer team and all the players go to school in Eustace and most are teacher's kids. She had Grandbuddie's day Monday at school. She invited the ladies in Coy's office that she hangs out with after school when he's busy. She interviewed them and I believe they made some sort of quilt square.

Coy's glasses are working great. He's getting used to them. They help him alot of football games, he's noticed. Eustace has gotten off to a great start for football this year.

I am on day 12 of the hives. I woke up this morning and had new breakthroughs, so the allergist in Tyler put me on prednisone. It seems to have helped. The itching hasn't been too bad today. I have had them everywhere on my body, from head to foot.The ones on the bottom of my feet hurt the worst. I literally do not remember Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday and Monday. He drew blood today to check for thyroid (I think) and for a hidden infection. All I can say is it's been miserable! Coy's done great with the girls and helping with the house. You know when we married, I kind of thought that since he was 10 year solder than me that I would be taking care of him in his sickness, not the other way around. He's done well.
I'm proud of him. I will try to do a better job of posting.



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Hey there! I wanna see first day pics!

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Can't get them to do....tired and going to bed...