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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Soccer, week 2

Well, we won again 5-1 and had something interesting tried on us. It was an offsides trap-like an extreme trap. The entire defense team never stepped over the midline. Therefore, whenever anyone on our team stepped across the line we were offsides....and it was theie ball at the midline. (At elast that was how it was explained to me, who was so confused.....they didn't start thisuntil they weer beind 3-0, but still....the only way to beat this is for whoever has the ball to driblle through everyone and NEVER pass the ball. A couple of our girls finally figured this out, but..............I would imagine we will go ove this at practice next week. It was wierd......for all you non soccer people, offsides usually menas that the ball was passed to a player deeper than the last opponent (excep the goalie). That conceept alone is hard for the kids to understand much less this new one...One of our coaches said it was a trap thing, so I'll try to update you as I learn more. Naturally due to the other team getting the ball at the midpoint so often, our defense got plenty of work at this game. The lone score happened because everyone just kind of crumbled.....Normally i would have been a sure stop-before it even got to Grace. Defense was wore out.....nobody went home wiht anybody else--they were too tired.
Next week they bothhave games at 10:30-so Coy will coach JG's team and I will go to Terrell for Grace's game.

Mom and Dad had the Nara Visa Cowboy Gathering this weekend. Haven't heard from them, so I guess that means they are having a good time. They put alot of time into planning the event and getting it ready every year.

I had a couple of good days this week as far as monitoring the blood sugar. i can sure tell the difference when I control it. A couple of times it has gone too low, so I have to watch that. Went out to eat for the first time today and that's the hardest part!

SPent most of Friday trying to figure out who can'/can't take TAKS M. What a mess. Takes too much brain ppower to try and figure TEA/USDOE out.


Deanna said...

Ok--I am sorry to say that the offside trap is going to be the thorn in Grace's side! She will be defending it alot until the girls get too fast to pull it off--this will probably be around 16 or 17. Greg hates it, it leaves him all on one with the goalie. Just PLEASE keep telling Grace that it is OK to miss a few--there is no way you can stop every one on one shot. Greg still get really upset when it happens, but it is the law of average. This is the first season offside traps are not working for Greg's team and they are U19. Just remember, if the opposing team uses it, so can we!!! Just hope you have a good ref who keeps a good eye on offsides. This is when Goalie becomes a "lonely place"!!!

Gotta go---the COLTS are playing!!!!