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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Soccer time is here!!!

Soccer time is finally here!!!!! JoGail moved up a division. This means a bigger field and a bigger ball, plus more people on the field at once. They lost but played well!! You can tell the fundamentals are starting to develop in most of them. All of her team attends Eustace and they pretty much all get along. Simply scoring a goal in the first game in the U10 division is impressive!!!!!!!!!!I had to include the picture of JoGail sleeping!! She basically went to bed laast night around 4 o'clock. She slept all night and got up raring to go this morning!!!!

Speaking of this morning. Church was wonderful. The choir did a musical and it was really really good.

Grace's team played awesome. It was probably the best game the team has EVER played!!!!They worked together and worked the ball really really well. The other team scored a goal (on a PK), but it was still sooo good! Grace played various positions and ended up in the goal box the second half. (I don't think she minded--I think she was ready for a break from running!!!) We lost several players for various reasons, but the girls really stepped it up and played well.