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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I am so excited!!

I am so excited! My sister Missy and her husband are coming this Friday and I am TAKING, YES,TAKING the day off to go to Canton once they get here!!!!Grace has a flex day (students who meet certain criteria get the day off) so she will get to go with us. It has been awhile since I have been to Canton-even though it's so close! Anybody out there got a favorite booth in Canton to share???

Today started off bad. Dropped the Mr Coffee tea maker pitcher and of course it cracked. So I had to order another one. Of course it takes a special size to fit under the maker. I can't live without my decaf tea made with splenda and lemon juice!I spent most of the day at the junior high working. Came out frozen. The a/c in my new little office froze me, with a jacket on. We thought we turned the vents but lo and behold all my papers still blew everywhere and it was now blowing on my eyelashes. I couldn't work because I was batting my eyelashes at a computer screen too much. I went to the my principal, Dr. Jolly and ask for a visor. He didn't have one but in true fashion off erred to make one for me out of duct tape. I just love my principals!!!!They are so creative!!!!Honestly though, they do 'take care of me.'

Grace has her first round of six weeks tests this week. We'll see how she does. Sometimes she strikes me as a really strong, intelligent young lady and other times she is a just a middle school punk. She and I were hugging this afternoon and we are skull to skull. She is just so strong. JoGail is still the goofiest thing I have ever known. She definitely keeps us laughing. Last week she came home telling us she wanted to be Betty Rose for Halloween. I finally ask her who in the old world Betty Rose was. She said, you know the lady who helped the sew the American flag. She meant Betsy Ross. She needs a Biblical character costume for the Hallelujah festival at church. Any ideas? Needs to be easy. Send me ideas.


Deanna said...

Werap her in a sheet and she can be Mary or stuff her in a red trash bag and she can be Bob the tomato from Veggie Tales. Find one of the hazardous material trash bags from the school nurse and there you go. Be sure to cover up the hazardous sign, we wouldn't want anyone thinking poor JG is dangerous!! :)