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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer is here.

Finally finally finished work. Of course I go back next week to complete my two comp days for next year. At least we do those in house. (I don't have to travel to Dallas for it) Plus after a couple of days off it's good to see everyone one more short time. I think we are going to 'refine our forms'.

Today was my first free day. Yesterday was an ordeal. JoGail had a tooth that was basically dying from the inside out. So it had to be extracted. (fancy word for pulled) So we went to our regular dentist at 8. By 8:30 they came and got me because she refused to let the dentist in her mouth. Now it wasn't her regular dentist, it was his partner. And I think that had alot to do with it. Anyway, we spent the day in Tyler waiting to go to a pediatric dentist. Most of the day was spent trying to get her to forget about what was going to happen that afternoon. It went well after she took the Valium, yes Valium. I put Valium in my 8 year old to get her to relax enough at the dentist. Needless to say we were both exhausted when we got home. Grace spent the night at Lindsey's so thankfully I didn't have to worry

about her. And it was our 14th anniversary.

Coy and I are thinking about trying to get away, just him and I, for a night or if there are any volunteers to watch the girls let us know! Normally we get a week or so to ourselves when they go to mom and dad's . But with school getting out late this year it didn't work out.

Grace finished volleyball camp this morning. She didn't feel good this afternoon and slept most of the afternoon. So she opted to use her one 'free passes' from Coy to miss her performance camp.
Next week she has a combination of soccer and basketball camp plus her performance camp.

JoGail has picked several cherry tomatoes from the garden. The watermelon vines are everywhere and the cantaloupe ones aren't far behind. One squash has gotten brought into the house but I haven't cooked it yet. Maybe tomorrow.

I'm trying to find all my soccer pictures so I can make a movie maker movie for the team. May take me a while to find all my pics. From some from third grade and fifth grade. Missing the fourth grade ones.

I'll find them. They are here SOMEWHERE!!!


Anonymous said...

I cant believe Coy only gave Grace one pass for all summer. GEEZE, she should atleast get three. One for every month....