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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Garden and Such

The garden is doing well. I think we counted around 12 cantaloupes so far. Watermelon vines have about an 8 foot radius. Squash and okra is starting to make. Corn is growing. Plan to pick a few beans tomorrow afternoon. Coy and I have made a 'track' around the mowed yard. We measured it and it's about 1/4 mile around. It's good to be able to walk without going anywhere.
We all went to Chile's for supper tonight. It was good. Been a while since we all went out to eat together. Made a tater tot casserole for lunch that was awesome. It had been a while since I made one of those, too. JG and I made Coy a double layer devil's food cake for Father's Day.

We did the Friday movie thing again. I'm not a movie person but everyone else it, so I try REALLY REALLY hard. We saw The Incredible Hulk this week. It wasn't bad. I'm not allowed to sit by Coy and Grace (so I can't ask questions). Me and JG are on our own for that!

Monday and Tuesday I have comp days then I am truly finished with work for awhile! (I think Aug 1). Gotta go help Grace sort socks.


Anonymous said...

Ok, you talked about everything BUT what I wanted to know about! Tell me about Grace & how she is doing without toys that plug in!

Tom said...

I'm not allowed to sit next to anyone at the movies either - I can't keep quiet when I catch obvious mistakes or stupid story line twists.