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Saturday, June 21, 2008

First mini vacation

Well, we had a mini vacation this weekend. We went to Plano, ate at Pappadeeaux's and then went to a hotel where the girls swam forever. This morning we got up had breakfast and then his Collin Creek Mall. I guess this is what vacations are like with two growing girls. I think everyone had a good time. (Cost dad some money at the mall, though!)

Let's see. Grace ran her 20 40 yard dashed Thursday evening. She did great. She has LONG legs when she runs. She's halfway to the goal of 40 40 yard dashes. She is getting so much stronger from lifting the weights and much more flexible from those exercises. We have to remind ourselves that she is still a little girl--only 11! She tried the mixed, grilled seafood at Pappadeaux's and discovered that she loves scallops in addition to the grilled salmon. She's learning to cook. She helped make chicken pot pie for Father's Day. She's already thinking about gift cards from American Eagle, Aeropostale and such for Christmas maybe).

JoGail had the fried shrimp and french fries. She had a hard time peeling the boiled shrimp (appetizer) and managed to get the seasoning all over her. She helped me make hot dogs tonight. She likes the George foreman (thanks, MawMaw). She has discovered kid's cookbooks and wants one whenever we go to a bookstore. My only problem with that is that they usually have the same things, just slightly different.) But hey, she's reading! We are trying to learn our multiplication facts this summer but aren't making much headway. Guess I will have to try another method! I wish I had a Cd for her to listen to. She seems to learn from listening more than seeing. She got s necklace from Claire's this morning and that just made her day. She loves that store.

Coy got a new bb/pellet gun from Academy on the trip. We have had a skunk in the back yard and no way to scare him off. We think he's rabid since we only see/smell him around noon or in the hot afternoon. Coy think she is eating the field mice (yeah!). His old gun was rusted and didn't work anymore. I think he had fun setting the scope and all that this afternoon. Previously our method of scaring the skunk away was to get in the truck and drive around honking the horn....see there is a little of my daddy in Coy after all.

Cantaloupes are growing! Still no baby watermelons though. Got a little beans and okra the other day. One squash was over a foot long. I think I can fry that for one meal. Coy's also still getting radishes and lettuce for his salads. Waiting on the corn also. The girls want to plant pumpkins, so we are thinking of trying that. We have to figure when to plant them though.

I officially finished work this pas t Tuesday at 4!WAHOO! Another year down. Have some bones to pick about the calendar, though. With school starting late which means I work later we missed picking blueberries this year. I may drive out there this week, but I think I have totally missed the season. We have plenty in the freezer but I don't want this to become a habit!!!!!!I'm thinking about talking Coy into planting some of our own bushes.......JoGail loves those things in a smoothie (from her Strawberry Shortcake Cookbook). One cookbook had a bunny shape from pancakes, so I guess we will be trying that also.Back to me, i have been walking with some teachers from Eustace while Grace works out. Now, last year we walked about 30 mins a day and called it wonderful. So that was what I was expecting. WRONG! They decided to entire the 5K walk race here in Eustace for Pioneer Days. (This morning) I missed the race because we had already made plans, but folks, these ladies are walking 3 and 4 miles. I am in the slow group, but we do get it done. I am sore as all get out but truly enjoy it. I am getting to catch up with old friends and getting a work out in, too. I am already wondering how in the world I can keep it up when school starts back. Any ideas.......remember I DO NOT get out of the bed easily in the mornings.....

For get to you that we went to see Get Smart last Friday before heading to Plano. Grace thought it was absolutely hilarious. Let's say JG didn't get all the humor. She just liked the cool stuff and eating the popcorn. They finished soccer and basketball camp last week. I think they had a good time at both. This Friday I am taking them to Splash Kingdom (Christian waterpark in Canton). Coy leaves next Thursday for his big international teachers/technology workshop in San Antonio. I am working on my list of to dos while he is gone and I have trouble sleeping.

Got a new macaroni and cheese recipe from Missy that I am going to try. Cooks in the crock pot. She says it is wonderful.

Got get things together for church tomorrow. We'll never make it if I don't start now!