Lauries Kitchen

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

End is in sight!

The end of work is almost in sight.......I finish next Tuesday afternoon.....Sorry about the typos in the last blog.....didn't spell check...JG wants to be a storm chaser in a blue suburban.....I'm uploading picts of their awards ceremonies last week. The girl with JG is Haley. Grace is shown with Rosie.

JG has had teeth problems this week and we go back next week to take care of it. Other than that she's just driving us crazy......she goes to work with Coy while Grace is at performance camp. I think she's been lots of help there.

Grace has started the performance camp at school and is loving it! She has volleyball camp next week. She isn't excited about vball camp, but when your dad is supt you TRY everything!She has discovered that she loves lifting weights.