Lauries Kitchen

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The girls are home !!!!

The girls have been back a bill has doubles and I believe the loads of laundry to wash have tripled!!!! But it is so good to have my children home. We really missed them. They are still talking about camp--especially going to the museum. JoGail just told me this afternoon that she got to touch 'real' cotton at camp.

Grace just continues to amaze us. She performed well at the performance camp this summer. SO, she's been begging for free weights ever since and if she keeps it up may get them before her birthday in November. (We just have to finish the projects in the garage first to make a place for them. :) ) She's been pricing them online and everything. So she decided to keep working on her chin ups......she took the bar stools and put a broom stick between them....I now have a warped broom stick. Then this afternoon she kept coming and and going out with the yard stick. We finally asked her what in the world was she doing. Well, it turns out she was trying to mark off 40 yards in the yard so she can run some 40's. Coy stepped them off and off she ran. I think she said she did 20 today. But she's doing this all on her own!!!!I think that's wonderful. Of course, she's an Olympic junkie. She's hooked on Phelps and is sort of admitting volleyball isn't bad after watching the women's beach volleyball. She said maybe she and Lindsey could do that. So maybe there is hope for her yet in volleyball! Her soccer practice starts next week. She's ready to see everybody!

JoGail has had a bad week. She just can't seem to 'remember' to put her stuff up around the house. I think every room has a little bit of JoGail in it. Drives us crazy!!!!She's been jumping on the trampoline and then running to the house for her exercise. She moves up to U10 this season so her field will get alot bigger! Coy's going to coach her team and most of the players from last year are playing again. She's creating recipe sin the kitchen and trying to surprise me with them. Last week it was all about making something with sour cream and mozz cheese.........I don't complain lest I stifle her creativity. She's still the only 8 year old I know that lives for the food channel and reads cookbooks. (Too bad they won't give her AR points!)

Garden update!!!!Watermelons are still growing everywhere. We surrender to whatever animal is toting off the cantaloupes and then dropping them 6 feet outside of the garden area. I'm tired of giving away okra, too. The neighbors are starting to lock their cars to keep us from leaving it on the front seat (they won't answer the door when they see JG coming with a wal-mart sack on her bike) haha Coy said we may have watermelons for Thanksgiving!!!3 little plants......sooo many watermelons!!!

Going to go walk. I tried to walk yesterday morning but it was storming......then I walked a little before the football scrimmage this morning. Our guys were awesome, too!!!