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Sunday, August 03, 2008

here we go again

Well, it's school time again! Coy's starting his 25th year so I guess that means I'm going on 15. Still along ways to go until retirement, though!

We met Mike and delivered the goods, um I mean girls. Grace invited her friend Jordan to go. I know they will have a good time. Grammy and PawPaw have to be on good behavior with her there!(LOL) Meanwhile Binky is in shock because the house is so quiet. I'm (still) hoping to dabble in photoshop some this week. I bought a book, so that's at least a start!

I start back tomorrow. No I am not ready. I have things to schedule asap and just dread doing that. Once I get past these first few I will be ok. Our new computer program rocks! We have been doing the test pilot for two weeks and so far I love it!!!!We are set to transfer over around Sept 1 (we are one of the first to get to do that!)

Going to try and get up early this week to keep walking. I figured I have walked over 150 miles this summer and lost....get ready for this......drum roll please......maybe, maybe three pounds. At that rate I will be 90 before I lose the weight I need to. But in my defense, I am not taking diet pills or anything like that. Still, I expected more to be off by now. I go back at the end of Sept to check blood sugar, blood pressure, etc...Friends from Eustace are supposed to email me to make sure I keep walking.......hint hint nudge nudge!!!

Both girls are signed up for soccer. Grace is set to move from goalie to sweeper. She is soo excited. It's going to be different for her. Coy is still going to coach JG's team. They move up to a BIGGER field this season plus it's a longer game. Both girls have a chance for their team to make it to TOC this December. We'll just have to see!


Nara Visa Cowboy Gathering said...

Damn! I should have sent Boomer to keep Binky company!! LOL Opportunity missed!!

Laurie said...

Binky loved the peace and quiet..JoGail did spend one whole day this week chasing him and 'decorating ' him in her own words...he won't com enear her now.....been a BAD week for her!