Lauries Kitchen

Friday, August 01, 2008

We're back!

We had a wonderful time at the Great Wolf! It was nice to get away from the world for a while! The girls really enjoyed the indoor waterpark and Grace loved the magiquest game. JoGail and Coy hit the arcade while I read. But alas, we have to get back to the real world!

Garden is still going. Just this morning I had to untangle a watermelon vie from some okra plants. Wouldn't have done it except there was a baby watermelon starting to grow. Amazingly we have new blooms on the watermelon vines! Still getting oodles of okra.

The girls are getting ready to head to my folks for Camp Grammy PawPaw. They always look forward to that and the neat things they do. Grace is taking a friend, Jordan, with her. Thankfully Missy is meeting us in Wichita Falls on Sunday. Then it's back to work for me on Monday!

I'm still walking. takes more for me to get up earlier, but I am trying. My new walking shoes gave me a huge blister on the back of my heel. That has to count for something! I tried something new to eat on vacation-shrimp embrochette. It was soo good. I want to try and make it. It's shrimp stuffed with cream cheese and crab meat and wrapped in a piece of bacon.

The girls are headed to swimming with Ashley and Haley Purselley. They will have a good time.
I'm dabbling in photo shop again. I bought the book Missy recommended and and trying to learn it. If I can do some stuff I'll post again and put some picts up.