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Thursday, August 07, 2008

AAAHHHH the quiet life

Most of you know it was back to work for me last Monday. (Poor Coy has been working all summer) Been a tough week, lost of met tings and plenty of sitting! I have managed to get up and walk every day, although it's not as long as I was walking in the summer. (got to get up EARLIER for that) The girls have been at Camp Grammy PawPaw this week. I've heard tales of building birdhouses, ghosts, and evidently dumping buckets of water on people! We meet them Sat in Wichita Falls to make the swap. I'm anxious to see them (the girls), but oh how nice it has been with peace and quiet around here. Nobody's asked to borrow my cell phone ALL week!!! (to text, not talk)I have even managed to take a bath without people knocking on the door or peeping through the fireplace into the bathroom. I have done a good job monitoring my carbs this week, too. Somehow it's easier when you don't have to 'fix' supper every night. (Coy's fine with sandwiches and canned soup or salad---wahoo!!!)Back to menu planning next week.

Enrollment is expected to be down at Eustace this year. Will let you know. I'm not sure if Mabank is affected or not. Many families that once commuted to work in Dallas are moving back because of gas prices.

Walking group is still going strong--bravos to you ladies--one lady has lost her goal of twenty pounds with the help of walking and a nutritionist........wahoo!!Guess how much i have lost-----after walking over 150 miles this summer-- the same--about three pounds according to my home scale. I think I am going to start weighing at school. I like that scale better. It's friendlier! It says (based on a starting weight off my home scale) 11 pounds. I think I will drag with my everywhere so I can ALWAYS have the friendly scale with me!!!

Should have tough love cleaned out the girls' rooms while they were gone, but I didn't. Will probably regret much easier to throw things away when they aren't here.

Saw my cousin;s wife on "So You Think You Can Dance" show tonight. She had submitted a Snuggle Happy Dance video and won some tickets out to the show. She's grinning and waving wearing a red shirt when they showed the winners. Way to go, Becky G!!!! (Your wedding is still the funnest I have ever been to, by the way!!)

It was wonderful to see all my co workers and friends back at work this week. The rest of the 'family' gets there next week. Not very many new faces in Spec Programs this year (that's a good thing). Tina, Gina, Jane, Jodie, and Casey--I'm so glad you all had a good break, but I'm glad to see you all again! We had a Visual impairment workshop the other day and got to put on simulator glasses so we can see what it's like for some of our VI kids. Wow! Such a great workshop. It was the whole 'walk a mile in my shoes' type thing.

Anybody out there know anything about a book called "The Shack"? Somebody told me I would like's about a man and God tells him to meet him in 'the shack'..........if you know anything let me know...I am thinking about trying to order it. I would like to know more before I order, though. I am also thinking about ordering "The Last Lecture" book, too. I got it at the library but I think I want to reread it and write all in it then pass it on to Gina-let her write all in it--then pass it on to Tina or Jane or Casey or Jodie!!!!You know the traveling book type thing!!!


Deanna said...

I am proud of you for sticking with the walking!! WAY TO GO!!! I am also proud that Coy is OK with sandwiches and easy stuff for supper. That means when the girls are gone and you are knocking on empty nest, it will be easy as far as the meals go!!! I am there and it is not fun, yet!!! I am waiting for all the fun everyone has promised will come. I guess Greg has to me officially gone....1 year to go. I am not ready for him to graduate, I am going to enjoy as much of this year as possible!!!