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Sunday, July 06, 2008

We're home

We had a great vacation. We had taken Grace to Corpus before but this was JG's first trip. Of course she loved it all. JoGailisms from the trip include Corpus Christy, fish jelly (jelly fish), and frog tree (tree frog). We spent one whole day at the beach and then it rained the next, so we went to the Aquarium and USS Lexington. Grace thoroughly enjoyed the Lexington. JG and I got tired of the stairs. haha By the way for those keeping up I walked over 4 miles at the beach -even took my pedometer.

After we boarded the plane the pilot announced there were storms in San Antonio so we had to get there via Abilene. Took forever. JG giggles at takeoff and landing. Had everyone for three rows in front of us laughing too. She colored the flight attendants some picture so they gave her a box of cards. So she and I played go fish several times. Grace was playing guitar hero on her Nintendo.

Finally landed at the most disorganized airport in Texas. Coy found us and was glad to see us. Then we headed south. Of course our late plane arrival made us late, but we got there. And then had to find somewhere to eat. We ate at Longhorn Steakhouse. Coy said that was the best steak he had had in while.

Thursday we went to the beach(national Seashore). It was nice and peaceful. Not very many people. Stayed all day. There was a little grocery store there so we didn't have to pick up lunch stuff and tote it everywhere. It was very relaxing. I walked and read. That night we ate at Longhorn Steak and Ale. It was even more awesome than the night before! And Grace tried something new each night! I was so proud of her. Then more swimming at the pool after a trip to Barnes and Nobles.

Then it rained almost all day Friday. We voted to go to the TX State Aquarium and USS Lexington. Lots of walking that day. Grace learned so much, especially at the Lexington. She was just soaking up everything Coy was teaching her. More swimming after eating at Souper Salad--it was soo good. It had been a long time since we had eaten there. They had awesome baked sweet potatoes. More swimming at the pool.

Saturday we ventured home via Houston. More go fish in the truck and playing the I spy ABC game. We finally got home around 5:30 and we glad to be home. It's nice to go but even better to come home.

Coy had an awesome time at the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education ) confrence in San Antonio. He learned alot but he really enjoyed being around the teachers he took and getting to know them better. He thrives on that. HE just had a wonderful time. He played with a voice recognition program this afternoon. He believes in that so much.


Anonymous said...

Where are your pics from the trip???

Laurie said...

Still in the camera
frogot to take them this morning.