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Saturday, July 19, 2008

We're back

We're back from Ragley. We had a good trip. Got to see everyone and visit. The girls has a blast swinging and playing outside until dark or the mosquito's came out! I walked 3 18 minute miles while I was there on Friday. Still haven;t lost weight but I haven't been eating well lately, either.

Met TAC and Joey Friday night. The took us out to eat at a Japanese Hibachi Steakhouse. It was fun and good. It's an experience the girls will always remember. Surprisingly Grace liked the sushi and JoGail didn't. I think we all liked the miso soup. JoGail is still talking about the flaming tower of onion.MawMaw cooked JoGail some 'straight' bacon. JoGail liked it when she uses her bacon press. She says mine is all squiggly.

My walking group is meeting after the walk on Tuesday. I think I am going to take marinated cheese and Gina's spinach and cheese dip. Those are both low carb. I am still hoping to get the recipes from every9one sorted and in page proctectors this week......we'll see. I think I have 2 more weeks before I go back....ack!!!where did the time go? VBS is this week at night. It's also the last week of performance camp. She told me the other day that she is having a hard time sleeping past 6 o'clock these days. Another wonderful side effect! Coy is thinking about videoing the running of the 40 40's this Thursday and putting it in the school's website. ( under the kdog section) I've made a movie from some pictures I took last week of Grace. I will try to attach it. They 're just pictures. I didn't do much to them. You can see my shadows in some of them. I am trying to get a book to help my (hopefully) figure out photoshop. That program is so hard for me to understand!


Anonymous said...

I will find a recipie and send it to you tomarrow.

Laurie said...

sure I've heard that one before......just joking.....I've heard tellyou make a mean bbq brisket or something like that!

Laurie said...

I am tryin gto do the flickr thing!!!!!!!!!!