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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Still walking!!!

Still walking. The challenging part starts now! One week left until I report back at work ( sounds like the Army, wonder what would happen if I went AWOL????). This week I will try to get in the habit of getting up a little earlier and walking. Unfortunately I usually come home after walking and fall asleep.......not sure why though....I walked this afternoon since I didn't yesterday or this morning.

VBS was awesome. The girls had a great time. The girls spent last night with Nana Karen Thompson. She and Mitch think they are grandparents to the girls and have them over every so often to go to the movies and just hang out. Works for me! It was nice to get a little down time from them.....especially JoGail! She has been dressing 'puppy' up in her baby doll's clothes. It's weird to see Puppy dressed after 8 years of him ( JG says it's a 'she' now) naked! Grace completed the performance camp last Thursday. She did so well. She was the only going into 6th grade to complete the camp. She's going to miss it. She's already asking for a weight bench for the garage. I think I told some of you that I caught her carrying, yes carrying, around a hairbrush the other day........yikes.......what is middle school already doing to my daughter????

We are headed to Grapevine for the Great Wolf Lodge Experience tomorrow. Coy got a great deal, so here we go. I'm afraid there's going to be too much to do! Check it out at We'll be back sometime Wednesday. I think Missy and her family are headed there later this summer. I'll let you know how it goes!

We are still getting okra, squash, cantaloupe, and watermelon from our little bitty garden. The watermelon (I think it was number 8 or 9) we cut open this afternoon was probably the BEST watermelon I have ever had. New family rule around here: EVERYBODY at the house (and I mean everybody) has to eat at least 2 slices of cantaloupe a day! (and the slices are HUGE!)And there's still flowers on the cantaloupe vine! I've cooked squash as many ways as I have found. I like the casserole, JG likes it fried, Coy likes it boiled down with onions and garlic, and Grace doesn't like it-- period.

No I haven't completed my to do list for this summer. I haven't seen Leigh Ann yet--I'm getting desperate for that to happen--haven't sorted through the girls recipe collections--haven't sorted through all my emails from last year (they are in folders, though)--haven't cleaned off the desktop (zillions of icons on there), definitely did not figure out photoshop.............maybe by Christmas, if I am lucky! :)

We did take the annual family photo for the football program. As soon as Coy sends it to me I will post it!!!

WAHOO! Spell check only caught three errors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!