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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Squash recipes

I made two different squash casserole recipes for supper. They were both good-just polar opposites.

Coy's (For those who love stuffing)

3 c uncooked, wshed and sliced squash
1 pkg stove top stuffing
1 cream celelery soup

Layer in casseroles dish: squash, stuffing, squash , stuffing and top with soup. Bake at 350 til bubbly.

Laurie's (Cheesy and rich tasting)

3 c washed, sliced, and cooked down squash drained
1/4 c sour cream
1/2 c cheese
1 betean egg yolk
bread crumbs
dots of butter

In a small pan heat until cheese starts to melt:
sour cream

Once cheese starts to melt add egg. Mix with squash and put in casserole dish. Top with bread crumbs and dot with butter.

Grace ran 30 40's this morning! I was so proud of her. She's done so well and only misse done day of workouts. I'm still walking 3-4 miles a day. And no, I have not lost a single, I repeat SINGLE pound. Very frustrating. We are meeting in the morning at 6:30 to walk in the cool since the kids don't have to be there at 8 for workouts. Then we are heading to Hillsboro to try and do some clothes shopping for school. Then the girls and I might try to get to the Tallent reunion on Saturday.

Miss Carol gave JG a huge tomato. Then JG and I talked about how we would slice it for supper. Well, I fell asleep this afternoon and she ate it like an apple, leaving the core, for a snack. So much for the tomato for supper! Ours in the garden are still green. We're getting about a cantaloupe every other day at this point. The watermelon we picked was not yet ripe. So we;ll wait a while before we pick another one. We're up to almost twenty still out there.

A shout out to my older brother who turns 39 tomorrow! Happy Birthday!!!!!!Can't believe you're getting THAT old......means I am not far behind!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Have fun shopping tomarrow! LOL Maybe Grace will get into this time (and even might look at a price tag!) LOL

How funny about the tomato. If you'd feed her, she wouldnt go hungry....:)

Nara Visa Cowboy Gathering said...

If you keep having birthdays, you're going to catch up with your Mama!!
Watermelons-How to know when ripe:
At the end of the melon where it is attached to the vine, there is a little "pigtail", usually about several inches long and curly, i.e. pigtail. When the pigtail is brown, the melon is ripe. Your welcome, now you know!!!

Laurie said...

Missy I DO feed her! She is eating us out of house and hom ethis summer! We'll see about looking at the price tags. I'm not holding my breath.

Daddy-will Mike be around to meet us at Wfalls to deliver the girls for camp? I emaled but haven't heard anything.

Mike C said...

That's because I haven't gotten an email...

I signed a contract yesterday but I don't know when I will leave. I am anxious to get there!

Deanna said...

You need to stop with the "ole" remarks!!!! It's not fun and you are closing in!!!

Deanna said... you pass a certain mark you can't spell anymore either!! LOL

Laurie said...

Deanna-heard a rumor...are you going back for your master's degree?????????????Come walk....8:00 monday morning.

Laurie said...

Are you'll believing this Favre crap?????And don't EVEN tell me you don't know what I am talking about