Lauries Kitchen

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Big problem

We think someone or something is stealing our cantaloupes! I mean the one that was supposed to be ready today was the size of a basketball and it is GONE...GONE....GONE....NOT GOOD.....I'm contemplating going out and counting them and marking them with a sharpie.

Made a good leftoer supper. Had some leftover spaghetti sauce. Cooked a box of penne pasta. Mixed rthe leftover spaghetti sauce with a bad of sald shrimp. Mixed together with the pasta. The girls ate almost all of it. Coy's at board meeting tonight.

Zoie is spending the ngiht with JoGail.I know, what am I thinking? But she feels like she always gets left out of Grace and her friends, so. Actually I don't mind at all. She is well behaved and fun. I think they are outside right now puching each other in the wagon. One sits and steers while the other pushes. You don't get better than that in the summer!


Deanna said...

Have you checked around the cantaloupe for tracks? If it is an animal, it should have left some sort of track. Although, around here, garden thievery does happen! You could always post JoGail with the b-b-gun! he he