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Friday, May 30, 2008

Miss Stacia's Squash

We went back to Evant last Sunday for tbe baccalaurate service for the group of kids I taught first grade to. (How they ever learned to read adn do math I'll never know). We had a good time. Stacia fixed supper and she made squash this way. We liked it so Itried it and it was good!

3 squash-washed and sliced
sliced onion (YES, I used this)
minced garlic (I added this)
Salt and pepper to taste

Put in skillet and cover til squash is tender.

Both of the girls love this, so I hope the squash in the garden makes!

We are busy busy. Grace has ben spending ime with friends before her performance camp starts. It's Mon-Thurs from 8-9:30 or so. She's both nervous and excited. JoGail got to spend a day with Jessica so she is really happy. JoGail will get to do basketball and soccer camp this year, so she is excited about that.

I am frantically trying to get my extra days finished at work. It seemed like everyone wanted something today. Maybe it will calm down tomorrow.

We had a family get together last weekend here at the house. I'll post pictures soon.

Coy graduates his seniors tomorrow morning. hard to believe but he will be graduating Greg Haynes next year!


Nara Visa Cowboy Gathering said...

If 1/2 your squash makes, you will have A-L-L you need. I hheard family get together was best ever!! Heard it from more than one source too!!
On to Glorieta tomorrow and cooler weather.