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Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'm siiiccckkkk

I think I have the flu. I have no voice and aches all over and am running a fever. I hope it is over soon. It's no fun being off and feeling yucky!!!

JoGail came in and asked me a while ago if we could pretend today was Christmas Eve and Santa could come, that's not how it have to wait! Her letter to Santa was in the paper yesterday. Apparently she wants a Dallas Cowboys shirt.......where has she been the last eight years????That's not happening in this house!

Grace placed first in dictionary skills and third in Spelling. She's working on the scripps spelling bee list now. She's been improving at basketball. Her first game is Jan 5. I'm not sure of the time. Of course coaching most of soccer team to play basketball is hilarious because you have to translates everything into 'soccer' terms. Who would have thought? She is a very talented athlete, though. I'm sure she gets most of that from Coy.

Coy has enjoyed being off with the girls by himself. They played all kinds of games and ran all sorts of errands. The girls are figuring out that he always wins the games......


Mitchell County said...

Sorry to hear you are sick. That's no fun. Dallas Cowboys shirt, huh? Maybe she just wants to be like Jessica Simpson!?!
Mark ried the Santa come early thing too. Didn't work here either!

Nara Visa Cowboy Gathering said...

I saw Santa Claus at the Nara Visa Christmas program. I learned he likes snacks and has Rudolph's nose shined up and ready to go.
Neck no fun today. Got to get this figured out! LOL