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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Night

Well, its' sunday night. Kind of quiet with Coy gone. Took the girls swimming this afternoon. Got aheadache before we left the Cain Center. Think the chlorine is aggrevating me. I have suspected this before. But I am not sure what to do about it. Any ideas?

I am watching Platinum Weddings on tv. JG is NOT allowed to watch this, although I think Grace would be more likely to have the expensive tastes. This particuliar wedding's location cost $42, 500. Makes Buffalo gap look really really cheap. Her dress is $10,500 and weighs thirty pounds. I'm guessing you aren't reading this to hear my commentary on what I'm weatching on tv. So.....

Didn't quite finish mowing tonight. I feel like a TRUE BLUE East Texan.......I mowed with the headlights on...................felt like I was on a ride at Six Flags for awhile....lots of ruts from where they used to mow this with a tractor.

You do know that JG thinks Coy bought a JOhn Deere because its colors are green and gold.....

She told me today that she wants a bed that has an up and a down to it.....I'm guessing she means bunk beds??? She said she would sleep down some but mostly up.....

I've set the alarm pretty loud in the bathroom. That way I have to get up to shut it off....maybe I wil stay up! I'm praying the rain holds off until after noon.

Grace is a girl after all-just came and asked if she coul dmove furniture in her room.......guess HGTV might be in her blood afterall......should b-she's seen enough!

Stay tuned--trying a new recipe Wed night!!! It's a form of king ranch chicken.


Nara Visa Cowboy Gathering said...

What an oxymoron--King Ranch and chicken!! Are you sure it's chicken??
Chicken is to be fried or bar-b-qued!!.That other stuff is well, other stuff!!!

Mike C said...

JG doesn't want a bunk bed, she wants a circular bed that so she can change her allowance int quartes and then turn her new vibratng "up and down" bed on... :)