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Friday, June 22, 2007


Several friends are building houses, so I thought I would tell some of the things I really like in my house.

ABSOLUTE NECESSITY: 1/2 bath off the kitchen We, as well as ou guests, use this all the time. Great for when the girls have friends over.

1. Air conditioner control that adjusts itself. No more remembering to turn the ac up or down before we leave to go somewhere.

2. Our master bath with the walk in closets (Coy has one and I have one) that have shelves built in. Plus the girls closets with 3 rods and built in shelves each.

3. My double ovens. I originnaly thought that if we ever built this was something I might or might not want. I can't live without them now!

4. Carpet in only the bedrooms and playroom. (I prefer tile or hardwood upstairs in the playroom, but there's carpet. )

5. The dark stain on the kitchen cabinets. Makes them look a little more custom.

6. The way the girls bathroom is separate. The commode/bath is separate from the getting ready area.

7. Closets that the light goes on when the door is open. It's also a dislike because the door has to be shut for the light to go off. (hard for JG to remember!)

8. The front porch. I need an old rocker to go out there. Anyone got one to let me use?????

9. The playroom over the garage and away from the bed rooms. When someone spends the night the girls stay up there and don't bother anyone! The girls go up there to watch their shows and movies and play while they do. Keeps toys out of the living room.

10. Being out in the country yet still having neighbors. Living on a cul de sac road the girls can ride their bikes and scooters on without me having to worry. As most of you know, my girls llive outside as much as inside, especially Grace.

other house favorites:

granite counter tops--althoughI would havae chsoen a different color

a finished garage-great place for stinky cleats and shin guards

tile floors-easy to clean, but if it falls on it, whatever it was is GONE, SHATTERED-not very forgiving with a seven year old in the house

the spare room we use as an office--we would put it closer to our room if we had a choice


Nara Visa Cowboy Gathering said...

Go to the "chair man" at Athens. Buy an unfinished rocker. Paint it barn red and call it good. Easy fix.

Deanna said...

I was glad to see Coy at Pioneer Day!!! Although I thought he should have worn overalls!!!