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Friday, June 29, 2007

It's Friday Night............

Time to print your bingo cards for tonight! (National Bingo night onTV)

I know you do this, TAC, so no use denying it....................JG will will be whooping and hollering...she loves that show.

Slept most of the afternoon. Taylor's s mom took the girls swimming with her. I went to the dr this am. ou're never gonna believe what I have now-------a sinus infection! More prednisone, avelox (antibiotic that could cure a horse according to Dr. Marple), and breathing treatments. We'll see. Was nice to rest all afternoon. Coy and I are going to the BIG doctor in Dallas July 12, I think. We're wondering if my body is not making steroids any more. That maybe my body doesn't think it needs to since I have been on so much. We don't know. zOf course, I wasoutside alot last week, too. I know I do better when I stay indoors, but that's really hard with two wonderfully active kids.

I don't think I've ever seen Grace happier than when she was playingin the mud the other day. She had so much fun.

Been very cloudy all afternoon. Guess more storms will roll through this evening.

Coy cleaned the floors for me oday! WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I really appreciate him doing that.


Can anyone find the secret sweet tea recipe for McAlister's online? I haven't had much luck.

Coy's planning on mowin again in September. He's considering giving swimming lessons in the 'pond' in the front yard. We could probably hold a fishing tournament in the bar ditches in the front, too. No cash prizes, though.


Deanna said...

To me the tea at McCallisters tastes like the splenda added Red Diamond tea you buy at the grocery store. I know you think, sugar free, but it is sweet!! I think the bingo night is a re-run, I will check and if not, you know I will have my cards!!! LOL