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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Well, school's about to crank up again! I've already had one begging session for not going back, but it didn't work (never has). Once we return from vacation I start the next Monday. I really do miss everyone from work, though. Grace has two more workout mornings. Then when we get back from vacation she is planning on keeping her running up. I'm attaching the link to her cross country schedule as it stands right now.

We roll out after Grace runs her forty forties Thursday. First stop is Missy and Alex's!!! Last stop is Glorieta! I'm sure many potty stops in between! I have my new camera bag so I am ready! I plan to take the computer and hoepfully check in on most nights. Deanna is raciously taking care of Binky. I'm sure Binky will LOVE the peace and quiet!

Oh we got new cell phones that work at our house now! Same numbers! Grace's works better too. She lost her qwert keyboard, but is getting over it!


j said...

Have a great trip...see you in August!