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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Celebrate Freedom and Give thanks!

I know it's not Thanksgiving, but I want to give a huge thanks to those who have helped protect our freedoms and those continuing to give! I appreciate your sacrifices.

We spent the third at Todd and Michelle's and had a great time yesterday. We got to see some of Coy's other nieces and nephews and his sister Judy. Everyone enjoyed the great food and the pool!!! Today we helped serve breakfast to police, fire and EMT personnel at the church then came home and enjoyed the A/C. Tomorrow is church and then the choir's musical.

Made chicken and stuffing (see recipe in previous post) and a new green bean recipe....Brett's green beans. It's a mixture of green beans, brown sugar, butter, and garlic. It was great! the girls thought it was a little too garlicky so I will cut that down next time. We still have lots of leftover desserts from when Mike and my parents were here....peach cobbler, super sour cake, sticky toffee pudding (yummy) and apple pie. No dessert baking for me this week!

Another busy week ahead with workouts and just trying to get everything done during the summer break...does it ever end???? I suspect not....

We stopped and bought fireworks on the way home last night and JoGail is so anxious she can hardly stand it. She just can't wait for those sparklers!! I had to take a nap so that maybe I can stay awake! haha must be getting old!


Anonymous said...

yep! You are definately old! LOL