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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Time to eat out of the pantry again

Yep, it's time to eat out of the pantry again.... January is a LONG payday month in this house....2 birthdays!!!!  Plus it's always good to eat what you have in the pantry. I stocked up on Lean Cuisine meals for my lunch....hard to beat when they are but one get one for a penny. So hopefully that's do me up for lunch at work. Breakfasts are no brainers around here. The girls usually grab cereal or sometimes eat at school. I used to make hot breakfasts but it got to where they wer eating lunch at 10:30 at school, so we cut back to cereal/muffins, etc and it has stuck. We are normally not big breakfast eaters around here, so it's not that big of a deal. Cheerios is usually Grace's cereal of choice and JoGail likes Special K, so there's not a lot of sugar in those. Coy eats his same old same old oatmeal-which he take to his office to eat since he gets there at the crack of dawn. I have started back to eating the oatmeal. I prefer a quick wheat sandwich, but I am trying. So after the girls eat lunch at school, that just leaves supper. I try to cook and love picking and choosing recipes. But the time has come once again to ditch the cookbooks and eat what we have! So here we go. I made a pot of vegetable soup and a pot of gumbo yesterday so that should get us to maybe Tuesday. Then I have also scheduled a leftover turkey pot pie. Oh and i also 'stocked up' on progresso soups since they were get but one get one for a penny. So we may be having lots of soup and sandwich nights! But I know I have chicken, some beef, stuff for spaghetti, stuff for shepherd's pie and stuff for more corn pone pie already in the pantry/freezer. So my goal is to not spend over $40.00  at the grocery store this week -or next week. We are ok as far as staples go, detergents, etc. So we should be ok. We have some fresh fruit right now, so that can work as sweets. Plus I made choc. chip cookies this afernoon. We just have to eat what we have.

Side note--a little extra-isn't that how God works? He wants us to use what we have? Not what we want or wish we had? Something to think about........

I'll probably be posting just to let you know how we are doing on this little adventure....

Veg Soup
Turkey pot pie

Cutie clementines
choc chip cookies (while they last)
Choc chip or blueberry muffins (whichever JG makes)