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Monday, January 03, 2011

Well, well, well....

I made it back to work! Got to see Tina, Gina, Jayme, Bob, Tabitha, Traci, Pat and Rachel!! I know you have heard me say it before, but I love people I work with. Some of us have been together the whole 7 years I have been there....others have joined our little party as the time has progressed.

I decided to work on reading the red writing in the Bible. But I am cheating, a little. I am using a Bible my Dad gave me. A friend gave it to him. It's a simple to read version of the Bible. It was translated specifically for the Alaskan Eskimos and has simplified written vocabulary. I mean, really simplified vocabulary. It helps! That is probably one of my two most treasured Bibles. I don't even know if it i still in print. I know it's never been made in to a hardback. My other treasured Bible is one my parents got me in college. It has my maiden name on it and tons of stuff written all in it. Coy asked me if I wanted a new Bible the other day and I told him no. This one has EVERYTHING written down it. (including how he and I figured up how old we would be when we could retire :) I just can't imagine starting over. There's many a 'Laurie' story written in that grey Bible.

I have been thinking about resolutions, goals, whatever you call them....and here's some of mine....

1. Gain 5 pounds. Hey, it's gonna happen. I might as well set it as a goal so I at least reach one!
2. Get up before I have to 2 out 5 school days a week, with the accommodations of Coy telling me to get up, the alarm going off, a light being turned on and Coy reminding me to get up or I will be late.  Yep, another struggle here. I hit the alarm twice this morning and I didn't have to make sure the girls got to school on time. I am just not an early morning person!
3. Eat more protein. I think I crave protein, so I'm going ot eat more. Take tonight,  I made broiled tilapia. I took it out of the oven and went to get Grace from play practice at the church. Came home. Coy had his plate, JoGail had her plate. Grace made her plate and there was NONE left. Oh well, maybe tomorrow night--I think it's going to be Manwich night. (ballgame night)
4. Walk at least a mile every week. That would be 53 miles in a year. I would really like to walk/jog a 5K but I don't know about that. See, I asked for some tennis shoes for Christmas.  Well, you know Coy is-had to go above and beyond, so I m now the new owner of a pair of Reebok Easy Toners. That's right, the tennis shoes that kill your calves. Seriously I wore than for 10 minutes one day and the next day I could barely move my legs. I did wear them all day to day at work, so I must be getting used to them. (Just so you know, I opted not to read into WHY he thought I need that particular pair of shoes.)
5. Read the Bible more and depend less on other's interpretations. For example, I read some online scripture blogs. One calculated the age of Joseph when Esau stole his inheritance. According to her calculations, he was 91. That's not the age I remember coloring and the girls coloring when they colored the pictures of the coat of many colors!
6. Memorize scripture with the girls. JoGail and I have already started. I Peter 3:3-4.Look it up you'll know why it's mine and hers! I am searching for a good one for me and Grace. I also want to continue praying with them on the way to school. No radio, just praying. Talking to God. Hey, it keeps them from fighting over the radio! :)
7. Continue on the path of being part of the solution and not part of the problem. This means speaking up about some things and shutting up about other things! Funny thing, I was telling Gace just yesterday that sometimes you just have to shut up and apply some elbow grease! Family story time. When my grandmother ( MawMaw Cole) married my granddad (PawPaw) she went to the general store looking for some 'elbow grease.' She was still embarrassed about it when she told me the story a couple of  years ago!

Well, that's all the resolutions, goals, whatever I can come up with tonight!  If you come up with one you think I should consider, leave a comment.....I might think about it!



Melissa Priest said...

hee hee I like your #1 goal. Think I will do that one, too. You should go read Furlow's blog. I am challenging him in a weight loss contest!

Laurie said...

yeah I saw that!!! I thought about joinging but I am not posting how much I weigh or how little I exercise right now!
hehaha I know you can beat him!