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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Reading the Red

Yes, I am reading the red in my Bible. I have reread the beatitudes and the Lord's prayer. It is easy for me to forget the beatitudes! I find it interesting that Matthew's order of events is that Jesus was born , then he talked about how to treat others, then he gathered his disciples and then he did the miracles. Not exactly the order I would have put it all together in. But I think there's a point here. How we treat others in life is IMPORTANT. In fact, I would tend to think it is very important in the Bible. I know this is an area I need to work on. Not only does that imply that we need to be 'nice' to others but also that we need to be honest with others. If someone is being a jerk  or whatever, we are to go to that person in secret and tell them. I know I would want someone to tell me. I may feel slapped for awhile but ultimately it may make me a better person. I can think of people in my life who have done this for me. And I have treasured their friendships ever since. It also talks about talking about not talking about others which is something that is extremely hard for me not to do. Sometimes I can just get so opinionated! And of course I can solve all the world's problems as well!!!!!  There seems to be a fine line between knowing when to say something and when not to. I have gleaned from reading that you must be in tune with your heart and God working in your life to know the difference. I' m beginning to get into the miracles sections. 

Today we slept in!!!! Yeah!! All the way to 8:00!!!!! Those two extra hours of sleep feel good! I am cooking and cleaning today and then we have JoGail's EASA basketball game (first one of the season so it should be interesting!). I am cooking up some gumbo and soup to prepare for the cold weather we are supposed to be getting. I love it when it's cold and I can just come home heat up a pot of soup or gumbo and supper's ready! Better get off the computer and get started!!! Have a great day!