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Saturday, January 15, 2011


We almost made the food budget this was a valiant effort, though!

JoGail has some friends over tonight to celebrate her birthday. Thank goodness we have an upstairs! they giggle like crazy. I love it but can only handle so much, not being a 'giggler' myself! She just came down and apparently they have been 'making each other over' with her new makeup from her Aunt Missy!!!!  The girls are really good girls and were a hoot to take out to eat! The Sharp Shooters (JoGail's basketball team) played well. You can literally see them improving every game they play. Coy and I both agree they are beginning to 'see' things on the court. JoGail actually got to shoot a free throw......enough said about that! Grace had a student council lock in at the school last night. Then she came home and slept a little before heading to the church for drama practice. They were going to rehearse then get into costume/makeup and go out to eat in Tyler. I bet that was funny. The play is set in the 50's so, I KNOW they stood out!  I can't wait to hear her stories. She may be to tired to tell them tonight, though!

I am working on reading the red in the Bible. Trying to let God speak to me as I read it. Interesting order things happened in according to Matthew. then I noted that when Jesus sent his disciples out he gave specific directions. Not what the disciples wanted to do, not what was easiest, but specific directions. Leads me to think God still works that way. But how many times have I tried to follow my own directions instead of His way??? Makes me wonder......then I found it interesting that Jesus says he has come to be the sword,  not to bring why do I keep thinking my christian walk will be easy???He says right there that it won't be....just some thoughts.....kind of slapping myself on some things....also, I keep reading that Jesus tells people to go and not tell others what he has done and yet that's exactly what they did....I'm not understanding why he didn't want others to know. I'm sure it had to do with the legal people and all their laws. But why does he specifically keep saying that????

I'm looking forward to Sunday school tomorrow-after missing last week. We have a great group of people who get together and learn about the Word. I believe we are in I Kings. You know I took an Old testament class in college and some of that has come back to me. But it's interesting--the stories. The history. Looking at the maps and figuring out he wheres and whys in interesting. One thing is for certain....My God is not boring!


Beverly Brown said...

We must have the same Sunday School book - or "quarterly" as we used to call them. I teach a women's Sunday School class at FBC Mabank. We're called a "median" ladies class. I think that means we're not really really old. My class is made of up all ages, stripes, etc. We call it the "I don't fit anywhere else" class. Something funny this Sunday - I was excited about the lesson about greed because it is so relevant today -- that is until my class told me I had studied next week's lesson. Oh well, we read the right lesson and learned it together. All's good because My God is good! I enjoy your blog.

Laurie said...

Well, we have the book, but it jumps arpound so and we like to 'fill in the gaps'...I think it jumped from I Kings this past Sunday to 2 Kings 22!!! I get tickled thinking about that ax version said and he said" Oh my Lord, that's borrowed axe!" I was thinking about it today laughing.....I could so hear myself saying that!