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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Soccer and ring pops

Grace's team won her game both last night and this afternoon. JoGail's team lost, bu they showed great signs of improvement! Coy's nephew and his wife (Todd and Michele) came down from Rockwall to see the girls play. We had a good, but tiring day. The sun came out and a few of us got a little red......mainly me! You can tell where I sat with my legs crossed by the redness!!!
Over all we had a good, relaxing Spring break. Already dreading Monday morning!!!After church tomorrow we'll spend time trying to get everything together for the week. During the spring it seems our schedules just get jam packed. Banquets, practices, games, tournaments, you name it. It was NICE to just stay home! Both girls got good haircuts yesterday. JoGail's hair in barely shoulder length now. Kind of like a 'bob' on her. Grace's got thinned and shaped and styled. It was pure torture for her!!

Had to pass this little story about JoGail along! I had bought a couple of ring pops for her to share with the other little kids at Grace's game. Well, we were a couple short. So I gave JoGail a five dollar bill and specifically told her to "Bring back my change". So she took off for the concession stand. Well, she comes bebopping back with a container, yes container of ring pops. And she announced "look how many ring pops five dollars can buy!!" Needless to day we gave ring pops out to anybody who wanted one!


Anonymous said...

How funny about the ring pops! She was just being the sweet girl we know she is! LOL

Nara Visa Cowboy Gathering said...

Aren't you glad you didn't give her a $20???LOL